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  1. I have for sale an Eagle brand CIRAS. It is a size Large and the Maritime version. I believe it is CB, I can't really seem to tell these days. I am asking for $200 OBO. Next up I have a couple of sets of eye pro up, I bought them and once again, I found sunglasses that don't fit my facial structure. Both are ballistic glasses, and come with everything they would coming from the factory. The CDI Max is in Desert Tan and comes with shaded and clear lenses, a carrying bag, a soft case, a sticker, and a sticker. $30 The Credence is matte black with copper lenses. It comes with a soft case, carrying bag, and a sticker. $50 Thanks!
  2. Well, I'm not exactly sure if this can go here, but since I can't seem to find the off topic forum, I'll post it here: I'm curious as to what ASFers EDC. Pics only, the fun is in having people guess what a certain item is. Pic was taken with my cell phone, so obviously that's not in the picture.
  3. Please don't double post. Also, have you ever considered simply PMing the seller?
  4. If you're going for the newer MX5 or whatever that new strange looking ICS MP5 is with 3 round burst, go for it. But if you're going for the older/standard MP5 models, I'd go with CA's. A lot better design (hop up under the bolt and all). One important thing to remember: All of these guns are basically the same thing, just different shells. Pick the gun that is most important to you. Will mag costs differ? Sure. But you'll buy them once and they all perform the same job (albeit with different efficiencies)
  5. Give the guy some time to reply, 24-48 hours is hardly adequate time...be thankful the only bad part is a dispensable $8 part. Also, no flaming, only facts from people who dealt with the seller please.
  6. Added tip: The "complainers" are the mods speaking on the general people's behalf. If you run a search, you WILL find the answers to your own questions. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! Placing a topic which is irrelevant to subforum that the topic was posted in is also against the rules. Since I'm feeling generous, here's another tip: Adding an open parenthesis followed by a colon does not make it seem any less aggressive/passive aggressive. Ex: Do your own research, that search engine at the top of the forum isn't for decoration/feng shui purposes, believe it or not it DOES WORK! (:
  7. In addition to what the previous two posts were, if this happens again, you WILL get a warning as well as a nice moderator preview for rank posting.
  8. ^This. Clones aren't bad, but they're just what their names suggest...clones. So if nobody supports the higher end companies, who will make new products for the clone companies to copy from? Also, clones are only cheap because they have to compete with higher end guns, when the higher end companies disappear, you can bet that all of the clone gun company prices will shoot up.
  9. Glad to see an excited airsofter, but please do not discuss hunting/harming animals with airsoft guns on ASF. Thanks.
  10. You're necroposting. Stop it. Check the last post date before posting in a thread. Thanks.
  11. That was a necropost. For future references, please check the last post date before you post in the thread.
  12. AKAKman, I thought we banned him some time ago. We're generally quick at banning scammers, considering that we give them a fair chance to fess up. OP, do what has been suggested. Also, new people should use this as a warning for future deals...a little bit of research goes a long way. If the OP would've googled the other person's name, odds are he would've came up with results that would've saved him from this situation.
  13. Guys, try to be nice to the new guy, even if he may have been wrong. Anyhow, this topic isn't about airsoft, so I'm closing the topic. Good luck on your quest for paintball guns OP, I think pbnation is quite a popular paintball forum. Try to ask your question there.
  14. Yeah, or ask KWAUSA forums...or call them. Being the distributor, I'm certain that they'll have to know.
  15. I have an ATS RAID pack for sale. It is ACU, and is not very worn. I have owned it for about a year and a half now, and have used it for one semester of college (used it for the massive amount of space inside), a trip to Vietnam (IT'S BEEN TO 'NAM AND BACK MAN), and my trip to Europe. None of which was harsh conditions usage, it was all just carrying a lot of things. Anyhow, I'm selling it because I'm getting tired of being confused for someone enlisted, and would like to find a coyote or khaki bag. As you can see in the pictures, it is ACU and does not have any rips/tears/fades. For those of you who are not familiar with the RAID pack, it has an internal hydration bladder pouch (has a velcro hook to hold the bladder up), two vertical external pouches, two mesh internal pockets, and a pocket behind the upper mesh pocket. It also has MOLLE EVERYWHERE, on the sides and the front of the pack, so you can expand the bag room even more. Though I have not found the need to, as this bag already barely fits the airplane cabins as is. I would like $75 for this bag. Thanks. (things inside the pockets are not included) I will include the Mil-Spec Monkey Lead Farmer patch with the bag! For those who don't know, ATS is a real gear company, not some cheap Chinese bag.
  16. I personally used to use an ACU 3 day RAID pack for college. It worked great because I could fit a laptop, a few books, and a binder in it. It also wasn't as big as it looked in the pics. I am actually selling mine for $75, not too worn...but that's not the topic here. Long story short, it all depends on your needs. Do you need to carry a laptop? If so, get one that's big enough to carry your laptop. Do you need to carry multiple books? I went with the old "better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it" philosophy, so I went with my 3 day RAID pack, made by ATS. If you're carrying a laptop or anything valuable, remember to stick with good brand stuff, like Pantac or real gear stuff (hence why I chose ATS). Also, I got a bag with tons of molle rows on it so that if the occasion rose where I needed more room, I could just add more pouches to it.
  17. Moved to the appropriate section.
  18. Thread closed and link removed, for a second time. OP got a one week vacation.
  19. Moved to an appropriate section, please take care of doing this yourself next time...especially if you want people to take the time out of their day to visit your page.
  20. Sounds like an excellent idea. Sometimes just talking about issues makes it so much better. Being able to find someone that relates makes it almost forgivable sometimes.
  21. aannnnnnd closed. Next time, check the last post date to avoid necroposting. kthnxbai.
  22. No. Stop necroposting, and raging so much. Closed to prevent further necroposting.
  23. Closed as per op's request. Congrats!
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