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Nicky The Great

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    Does he even know where he is?
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    -Classic Army M15a4 upgraded with some crap in it. -WE 1911 Tactical that may or may not still work because I've dry fired and racked the slide in training many thousand times over the last 2 years -KSC Glock 19 upgraded with some crap in it I'd like to update my M16 a little with a rail forearm, a new stock, and some other goodies, but those things cost money... haha
  1. I've tried different emails and even tried to create a new account with a fresh email address, but none of it seems to let me validate my account. Also, what happened to ASF? I have played airsoft in a few years or kept up in the forums, but it seems like things have really slowed down. I remember back in like 2007 the General Discussion page would be filled with posts that were just from THAT DAY. Now it has topics that haven't been posted in for weeks. What gives? Did airsoft lose popularity or did just ASF go out of style?
  2. I've been in, and seen enough situations that could've been resolved a lot better if I was armed with a firearm instead of a knife. As for home defense, I'm investing in beanbag 12g shells.
  3. I used to watch Lost, but when I missed a few episodes at the beginning of a season I kinda got, well... lost. Now I see a commercial that says "We have to go back" and I'm like 'When did they leave???'
  4. Airsoft is fun, but real guns take the cake... I mean, come on, they're real. You can't kill with an airsoft gun...
  5. You took the words right out of my mouth, YesOfficer. I believe the legalizing of many narcotics (except for the really bad ones, like meth...) would heavily reduce street gangs. It's just like the Outfit (Al Capone's gang, which still exists) in it's glory days. Prohibition is what made many of the mobs rich. People are going to use narcotics whether they are legal or not. Might as well legalize them, regulate them, and tax them. Maybe less people will die from chopped down coke and others if the stuff is actually regulated like alcohol.
  6. I listen to pretty much anything that's not country music, but I lean more towards HipHop and then Rock. Three 6 Mafia, Eminem, Lil Wyte, Project Pat, AC/DC, Green Day, Fall Out Boy, T.I., N.W.A., Rolling Stones, Kanye West, and etc etc etc...
  7. Sorry, we already got one of these. http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Favorite...ic-t135481.html Closed.
  8. I'm just saying what, from my experience, is most likely to work. You can either step up, or step aside. Edit: I'm not actually telling him to start his own real gang, notice the "" around gang. Would you rather it be called a Youth Group? If someone intimidates you, you intimidate back. Obviously the local police don't care about them yet. They need some motivation. I'm not at all saying my methods should be his first choice. In fact, they should be his last choice. All non-violent and community based actions should be tried before resorting to what I have said.
  9. Nicky The Great


    I hate to quote a TV show, but I think this best represents my views, and I don't wish to plagiarize, so: Col. Ryan from 'The Unit': "War, Mrs. Brown, is waste and chaos. That's what it is. War is the most profound waste of life, time, spirit, and treasure known to man. War is an obscenity, and we say however, that it is preferable to subjectation, and it is. The time, place, and cause of war, however we may characterize it, most times is beyond our control. And they are most certainly beyond the control of a soldier. All soldiers suffer in War, and their families suffer equally." I myself am enlisting in the Marines, so I spose I'll get pretty well acquainted with War.
  10. 360, since that's what I have. But, I do like the arcade type shooting games on Wii...
  11. Well, I might as well suggest this, as it's going to happen eventually anyway: Start your own 'gang'. These guys definitely don't sound like a real gang. Your best way to get rid of them is scare them off, take their 'turf'. Show up to their favorite bookstore (haha, I still can't believe that one) before they do. If you don't want to do that yet, tell the cops you saw one of them with a knife, have some friends say that the saw them with a little baggie with white powder in it. That will at least get some increased patrols.
  12. Welcome to the forum! I would say the CA M249 is a little to advanced for a first-timer. How bout starting out with something a little easier on the....well, everything.
  13. Kudos to GoLgo, very well put in my opinion. G.ay-er? I don't think that's possible, it's a pretty black and white situation. The only gray area is Bi people. And how are they converting people? "We like the same gender, it's awesome! You should try it!"
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