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  1. http://public.fotki.com/makofoto/2010-auto...-jpg.html#media
  2. Course we are; we're giving you good advice.
  3. Yeah, I know that girls dig my car. It gets chicks. You were saying? :P lol just to be clear, my HIDs are 6000K... So bright white with just the slightest tinge of blue. The pictures make the lights seem much more blue due to exposure time. What else don't you like about it? Yeah, I'm going to drop the subframe and remove the tranny for clutch + front sway bar. Then I'll drop/remove again for clutch/flywheel when I go turbo.
  4. +1 to that. http://www.charitybuzz.com/auctions/tricko...og_items/218403
  5. lol no, it's a limited slip differential for my car :)
  6. AXE is gross... Don't do it. All it says is that you're a loser; the people who use axe are mostly conceited jerks. Girls don't like the smell, either.
  7. Haha hightower. What don't you like about it? And I picked this up today :)
  8. 10/13/2010 Today sucked. Late to OChem lab, found out I got a 78/100 on my OChem midterm, skipped my next class, took a 4 hour nap, tutored people until 10pm, then came back and did nothing. Super bummed/frustrated because I thought I did really good on that test... Gonna go to sleep now. F*ck. Today: 2/10
  9. 10/11/2010 Just finished my OChem lab writeup... Didn't take that long, only about an hour. Straight up copied the answers to all the prelab questions, and blazed through the other stuff. Luckily it was a relatively short postlab/prelab, so... I guess I'm not going to sleep TOO late. Only 4:30. Lab at 8am... Ugh. Anyway, woke up today around 7:30 (wow!) by myself, no alarms or anything. Thought about getting up to study OChem for the midterm this afternoon, but decided against it and went back to sleep. Woke up again around 8:30, same thing. Woke up at 9:45, and was late ~7-8 minutes to my OChem lecture. Meh, whatever. After OChem, went to Bio class, where I paid attention for possibly the first time. Figure since I'm going AutoXing on the Sunday before our Bio Midterm, I'm gonna need to study early... Anyway, skipped EE to go back to my apartment at noon. Took a nap until 1:45, then went to my EE TA's office at 2 to get my homework grade changed. He took my homework and said he'll give it back to me next week... Okay... Don't see why he couldn't change it on the spot, but whatever, doesn't matter to me. Found out that we got our EE midterm in class (which I skipped)... Checked my grade online, got a 55/100. Eh. Not TOO bad... Above average at least. Anyway, studied a bit from 2:15 to 3:15, met up with Heather, and took the test at 3:30-4:30. It actually didn't seem that bad... I'm pretty sure I got most of the synthesis right, and most of the mechanisms as well. I wish I studied that one practice test with Bronsted base/acid and Nu and LG... That's the one question I glossed over because I thought, "Oh, he's never going to ask this." Turns out he did... How ironic. But yeah, hope for the best when the test results come out. Oh, and I pointed out a mistake on the test (drawing of an oxime with a hydrogen attached to the N - WRONG), and the director said that he would give me two more points on my test. Yay for bonus points! Good thing I work fast... I think I was the first person there, and was fortunate enough to be the first person who pointed it out. So yeah, that was the test... Went to Heather's apartment afterwards for about an hour, then headed off to VARC from 6-8. BME101 kids have their midterm tomorrow... Hahaha. Eh, VARC is sucking more and more lately, cause I have alot of BME101 and EE150 kids clogging up the appointments. I'd much rather tutor Chemistry or Physics, not stupid pointless BME/EE classes. Silly enthused freshmen. Bah. I might take EE150 off of my list of offered courses so I don't get any more students... After VARC, biked back to my apartment, hopped into my car, and drove to pick up Heather and her roommate Steph. Went to Ralphs, bought 22 packs of Ramen for 4.20 (5/dollar!), as well as pasta sauce, mini whole pickles, and other junk. Oh, and IcyHot for my shoulder... It's starting to hurt again. Injured it from stress playing tennis... Usually flares up around test-time, when I spend alot of the day hunched over a paper scribbling down whatever junk, but it hit me realllly bad these past couple days... Almost unbearably bad. I haven't had to use medication since high school. Ah well. Lounged around wasting time, drank a Sam Adams Oktoberfest, played a game of starcraft with my crappy dying mouse that I need to replace. Oh, that reminds me, I bought a set of Plantronics Gamecom 367 yesterday. I'm pretty excited to get it, along with some other junk. Finally I can stop hearing KC's stupid fan going 24/7 in the background... SO LOUD. Anyway, also worked on the car sometime until 2:30... Was hearing funky clunking noises, so I got under it and redid the endlinks. So annoying that the endlinks have to be different lengths in order to bolt onto the sway bar... Sets off all sorts of alarms to my tech side. But I don't particularly care at the moment... I'll figure it out over the weekend. For now, I just want that stupid clunking noise to go away. I drove it around a bit after redoing the endlinks, and most of the clunking was gone... I did get one out of the passenger side going off a steep ramp... That side has always seemed to have issues since I put in the new sway. Came back from the garage, worked on OChem lab report and here I am, a full 10 minutes after when I started typing. This was a pretty long update. All in all, not too shabby of a day. Today: 7/10
  10. Haha, I guess I missed the announcement but I figure I'll post up anyway. Airborne, you're a nubbie, and always will be :)
  11. Romeo - I know exactly what you're saying, and feel the same way, haha. My gf is super cute :D But nobody would classify her as hot... But yes, cute :3 > hot. I'll leave the hot chicks for the frat guys. But IMO, Lights is between cute and hot ;D
  12. Selena Gomez is wayyyyyy better in Katy Perry. In every way.
  13. ^ What he said. Lingling, how can you hate them if you didn't break them in properly?
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