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  1. That sounds like a pretty cool sheriff too.
  2. *Sobs* What did that Mountain Dew ever do to You!
  3. Read the whole thing. Sounds like a fun game. I wish I had that many people to play with all the time, usually it's just like 3 vs. 3. Good write up.
  4. I voted MG36, although I almost voted the SL 8/9.
  5. DarkViper

    Skill Level

    Well, against the people I play against I would probably say above average. Against some of the people on here I would probably loose big time.
  6. Man, that was some good luck with the Mk23. All your stuff looks awesome. Good sewing job, I might try something like that.
  7. Sweet hair! The gun is pretty cool too.
  8. lol to that. Anyway I don't know anything about that particular gun, but you could get a tightbore and maybe better hop-up. I don't know if it can take these mods though.
  9. Well one time during an all night game I lost one of my cheapo springer pistols and it rained really hard. I found it the next morning in a puddle of water, picked it up and it fired fine.
  10. Yeah, I guess that's ok. I thought he meant he was gonna be playing games. Come to think of it, I was just shooting in my backyard about half an hour ago.
  11. Um, backyard shooting, as in shooting in your backyard.
  12. I remember from when I took it apart that the barrel barely reaches the flashinder. Ok, thanks. I guess I'll get the Promethieus 509mm.
  13. Well, would the 509mm be sticking out past the flashinder?
  14. They have a 500mm, would that be better since it's closer to stock length?
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