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  1. I also bought an Angel aluminum (aluminium) piston and guide. I bought a UTG metal trigger kit, but not a zero trigger. I have a Teflon cylinder from Laylax. What I am worried about in the cylinder failing. I am worried because of posts like these: http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/lofivers...php/t63593.html I have another spring that came with my Angel stuff, it is supposed to be a sp170... http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPat...oducts_id=35641
  2. King Arms, Angel, PDI, Action Army, K2, and even UTG themselves make metal units for cheaper than $200. I just wanted to point that out. Back when I had a Maruzen, (proof of which is on these forums, back in '06 and '07), I bought a King Arms trigger unit and it shot amazingly well, $99 now just like it was then.
  3. I bought two springs today, and one was a laylax sp210 for my L96. Will my gun break using it? It says over 600, but I've heard people getting more like 750 fps with it. Does anybody use one of these?
  4. Oh I know. I was just wondering for me, because I am "new" again. They're getting AEG's and pump action springers. My OP was weirdly phrased. Does EdGi still make upgrade kits? Is the m324 Gen 5 worth a look? http://www.airsoftatlanta.com/PPS-Brass-Ho...-96-p/37522.htm <---- Does that compare favorably to the PDI hopup units?
  5. Hey guys, my friends are starting to graduate college and get careers and money. Time to get them into airsoft. What is the deal on new spring sniper rifles? I've been out of it since bar-10 days. Feels good to be back I have not airsofted since 2007.
  6. My friend's bro wants to get into airsoft. My question is what is the best budget aeg? I am not naming a price range because I want to know where is the first place budget and good aeg meet.
  7. Well I am supposedly shooting 450fps with .2, however I have not tested it personally. But what would you suggest for 450 fps?
  8. Har har Hobosaur. I'm surprised nobody argued in favor of <6.01 barrels. Hobosaur is the only one who cares =( I also noticed that more and more people want to use softer bucking nowadays. I can not remember who told me, but the point was use soft type below 600fps . Is that accurate? Now I'm wondering if I should use a soft type piston cap... Has anyone tested these theories before? I'd really like proof.
  9. Are you sure? A few years back nobody would have suggested prometheus. Did they update their design? I would love to make a silencer, but I do not own the proper tools for anything. All I have is screw drivers and a socket wrench.
  10. Ok, but isn't it true that the best quality barrels are 6.01. I have always read that 6.00 edgi, and 6.01 edgi, pdi, dbc, ect were the best because of their extreme tolerances and precision crafting. Side question; if I get a 500mm+ inner barrel, the silencer adapters allow inner barrels to pass through them right? I own an L96 that is a combination of utg and maruzen. Are madbull inner barrels good? They are very affordable.
  11. A lot people talk about how tighter barrels are not always better. Does anybody have any proof? I am in the market for an inner barrel for my L96, and I need an aeg cut one. I want the best for the money. What say you snipers?
  12. I've used an "upgraded" s9 and a stock bar10. Bar 10 was easier.
  13. Well, since I didn't get an answer, I went ahead and bought it. Everybody suggests different buckings for pdi hop up, and since this one also takes aeg barrels, which bucking do you think is best for stock spring?
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