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  1. NEW ITEMS A cheap vest- I guess it would be good for springer wars. Has wood plates incased in nylon, and 2 pouches that fit UHC MPSD3 mags.-12 shipped Infinity tactical black tactical shotgun vest- has a dual pistol mag pouch, 2 dump pouches, 30 shotgun shell loops, padded shoulders, adjustable size, MOLLE on back. Good for gas shotgun CQB.-40 shipped Dual Pistol mag pouch-black not for pistols with larger magazines- works with m9 and others-6 shipped. I think it is molle system. Dual m4/m16 mag pouches, green.-12 shipped.
  2. Yes... the UTG performs and looks better, has more detail.. is upgradeable.... But who would do that? Anyway my friend had a UTG Mp5 and it broke after a mere 7000 bb's.. Ive gotta admit though, it is much better.. while it lasts.
  3. bump New items- UHC MPDSD3 magazines- 2 are available. 1 doesn't work completey, since it will not load the last bb. Both are 8 shipped. UHC 1911 spare magazine- 5 shipped Cheap crossman 4x15 scope- silver, has wierd mount rings- give me an offer Shotgun mags SOLD-awaiting payment
  4. Well, I've been hit on the tongue with 260 fps w/ .2s from about 50 ft away, and it didn't even hurt. Just bounced out of my mouth, No harm done.
  5. I have 2 Tan xm8's for sale (PGB). 1 is used, the other is brand new. Used XM8- $40 This has had about 5000 bb's through it. It comes with: Battery, Charger, mag and gun. I have modified it- Removed the "red dot" on the top, so you can hot glue a red dot on. I did it, but my friend wacked it off and it broke.(10 red dot from shorty's) New XM8- $65 Comes with everything, and is new in Box. Comes with: Battery, Charger, manual, unjamming rod, bb's, speedloader, and mag. Other Stuff: UTG shotgun Hicaps-$5 (I think I have 2) Spare XM8 battery- $5 Spare XM8 charger-$5 Pretty much any part from a BE xm8-gearbox parts, recivers, barrel, etc. Spare XM8 magazines- $8 ( I have 3)
  6. I've heard that the k series from TM has cut-down gearboxes. Does this sacrifice any reliabilty or upgradeabilty? and what is the max size battery it can use without modification? Thanks.
  7. I think you should get the DE Famas- it's half the price and comes with accersories. Cybergun just rebrands cheap guns most of the time, so the famas on shorty's is probably the same as the DE one. Iv'e heard that they are the same.
  8. Im ashamed . It was the cyma 4 dollar springer pistol at shorty's... I bought it around 8 months ago... Broke after a week. Then I got me a utg m87sos, which I consider my starter gun. Broke too.
  9. Iron sights.. personally, I think the m16 style iron sights are excellent. But on anything like a g3 or mp5, reflex sight. I can't stand HK iron sights.
  10. Are you saying the v2 utg shotties have sights? Cause mine didn't have any sights on it......
  11. Personally, I don't trust utg's anymore. My shotgun broke after about 3 months/10,000 rounds and my friend's mp5 broke after about 2 months/6000 rounds. But the shotgun is pretty powerful with effective hopup and has a great rof and excellent accuracy (Version 2 SOS model) . I don't think utg's will last much longer than 15,000 rounds. The once piece that takes most of the stress will snap in the shotgun and the pump will just go back and forth, since it cannot push the spring.
  12. You can get spare hfc m190 parts here. Go parts and click hfc I have a m190. Mine vented out all the gas once 3 rounds were fired. I drained half a can of gas before it magically fixed itself. Could put a pic of your manual? I lost mine and I stupidly took off the grips. I need to know how to put on/ or have to get replacment part.
  13. Well, as long as the gun has a full metal gearbox, you can upgrade it here upgrade is here
  14. Im thinking about buying this gas pistol for my 2nd one. Any info on it would be helpful. I am mainly concered with the durabilty and accuracy. And what gas should you use in it? Should I use green gas or will green gas damage it? Thank you for any info.
  15. I have a infinity tactical shotgun vest that came free with my aeg but I don't need it. It has something like 30 shell loops, 2 big pouches and 2 pistol mag pouches.
  16. If you both throw in 20 bucks, you can get a uhc 1911 spring pistol and uhc m9 spring pistol with 6000 bb's and a speedloader. Here's a link. http://www.blazingtoys.com/products/package7.html I bought that package with my friend and its a great deal. you will each get 3000 bb's, a pistol, and one will get a speedloader. They are both great guns.
  17. It will not fit. The gun does not have any rails on it, so you can't mount it. If you have a old utg shotgun or ris rails, you can glue a rail on the top of the gun. I just did that today and my $10 acog (same scope as yours) works perfectly with my mp5, much better accuracy. But Do NOT glue it on before the 30 day warranty is up, otherwise it'll void your warranty.
  18. No warranty is a horrible sign.... you might want to check out this gun, its 5-10$ more than a mini, and is apparently made by uhc. They sell mini's for 17 bucks. http://www.blazingtoys.com/bargains.html Its on top of the list. Same gun, apparently. http://www.speedytoys.com/shop/item.asp?itemid=200&catid=19
  19. For about 42 bucks, you can get a uhc 1911 spring pistol AND a uhc m9 spring pistol (with mags) +6000 high grade .12 bb's. And a speedloader. I ordered it with a spare mag for the 1911 it was about 60 bucks w/ shipping. My buddy got the m9 and 3000 bb's and payed me 25 bucks for it. http://blazingtoys.com/products/package7.html
  20. I had one of those utg shotguns. Lasted 3 months. Utg guns are top of the line performance for the price while they last.... which isnt too long. If you get one, don't plink around with it, just use it for games. Otherwise it'll die pretty quick. It does have a great hop-up system although. About 9000 rounds went through it.
  21. Motor oil will destroy your gun. You need to order silicon lube. I woulnt risk opening mine it unless it is broken or breaking, or opened by a profenssional.
  22. The m82 is not a sniper rifle. It is a "anti-material" rifle.
  23. shortyusa's ksc.2s are awsome. and if you need cheap .12's become a member and you can get 5000 pretty good quality uhc .12s for 9 bucks.
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