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  1. Looking for TM 1911 OEM outer barrel and OEM slide catch. Pm me.
  2. Don't expect anymore than 150. Airsoft guns have very poor resale value, the market is flooded. Not to mention it's plastic.
  3. Looks like a defect/weak construction if it happened. Same happened to my M11. Pulled it out during a game and it was super cracked and malfunctioning in the same spot. I repaired my body with aluminuim sheeting and epoxy, which doesn't look great but functions. You don't need a new gun but you need a new lower reciever, or to somehow repair your reciever. This is what mine is like. Replacements should be available from KWA, or you can find a metal body kit which will also be much stronger. You will require some degree of mechanical competence to swap the recievers. PM me, I might have a new lower reciever coming to me soon on a MAC11 and I can provide the replacement part for cheaper than KWA would be able to.
  4. it will be fine. only thing that could be wrong is that some lube may be a bit broken down/dried up in the gearbox, but it's not necessary. I wouldn't even bother cleaning the barrel, since it's likely been in a box for all that time.
  5. long gone are the days of m100 and metal bushings =/
  6. Looking for a HFC T77. MAC11 based smg with metal, large body. Broken is fine. Looking for externals for a project. Not interested in other mac11's, don't bother. Already have a very nice m11a1, only looking for the t77.
  8. it burns a lot hotter and has a lot more pressure. it could blow out the seals or damage the lighter if you keep it lit for extended periods of time
  9. that is a BELL G3. it's one of the earliest AEG clones dating back several years. They don't take marui magazines and have clam-shell pot metal bodies and generally aren't well made. Go for a classic army G3 if you want metal. JG would be a better choice around that price range but are plastic.
  10. I personally just use a standard hopup system with a SCS and Promy Soft bucking, as well as a promy barrel with .25's and my aeg outranges most I see on the field. I don't buy into the whole R-Hop or Flat-Hop business.
  11. the CA g3's are very durable. this isn't exactly the thread to talk about them, but I've had mine for 5 years now as my primary AEG and it has never failed me.
  12. it will save gas when filling (a small amount and less leakage which can also be smelly and annoying). It will not have any major drawbacks. Just make sure you spend enough time filling the magazine.
  13. MARUI MARUI MARUI MARUI owner of one for the past 4 years and love it. Oh, and I bought it used.
  14. " Thank you for contacting the WD-40 Company concerning the use of our product. WD-40 contains cleaning solutions, and for this reason we do not recommend using WD-40 first and then applying another lubricant. WD-40 can swell rubber or buna rubber gaskets when the gasket is immersed in the fluid. If the fluid is sprayed on and wiped off, the gasket will not swell. This swelling will not ruin the gasket, however it will swell the rubber. We use buna gaskets in every single can of WD-40 aerosol. We build the valves in our cans with this swelling in mind. After swelling the gasket retains its integrity. Thank you again for contacting the WD-40 Company. Please let us know if we may be of further assistance. " a quick googling reveals someone posted this letter from WD40 on a motorcycle forum. Swelling is bad for o-ring chains in motorcycles but obviously has it's benefits in airsoft gas seals.
  15. I would suggest you get a classic army instead of the marui MC51. It's a more solid AEG.
  16. the lithuim in a can is okay but regular white lithuim is better for most applications, except the wd40 brand stuff is in a solvent or something and penetrates stuff, and then the solvent evaporates and leaves a coat of lithuim grease. and I've used wd40 to swell o rings and I use it quite often to treat my mag seals and rarely inside my gbb's... I don't get where the stigma against wd40 comes from.
  17. CA made 58 round magazines for the hk33 but they are difficult to find.
  18. foreveralone like all airsofters are
  19. there's no advantage to doing so. Get some thicker grease or lubricant for metal on metal contact, gun oil won't be any better than silicon oil. Plus it can work its way into the plastic and rubber components.
  20. I bought a G&P Steel kit a little while back and it's pretty nice. I believe EHA stocks them. http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/gandp-m11a1-ste...sc-gbb-smg.html http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/g-p-m11a1-steel...iage-green.html guges, what does that even mean?
  21. spot on, 43 was bent and I had to bend it some until it worked properly. Along with some grinding of the Guarder MBK that may have helped.
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