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  1. Hey guys got a marui 226 with some issues I can quite nail down. The gun has issues with the hammer working properly in double action. With just the frame of the gun (no slide or magazine) the double-action trigger works great. With a magazine in the frame, it also works great with the gun fully assembled (slide on the frame, no magazine) the double action trigger fails to move the hammer down like it should half the time. with a magazine installed as well, the trigger almost NEVER works properly in double-action. The gun has a guarder metal body kit installed. What do you guys think the problem is? I need to get this fixed in the next few days.
  2. save yourself the trouble and just buy a normal tac light
  3. You can fit a 9.6 to the stock with mods or just insure you are using a good quality battery, I use elite cells. My elite 8.4 pack gives a higher rof than a 9.6v Tenergy
  4. If you're really cheap you can epoxy the 2-piece hopup together into a 1-piece unit. I did it to a CA M15A4 and the gun always worked great.
  5. you can short stroke the pistol which is similar to what you want to do but it actually works
  6. TM 1911 Used can be had around the same price point, got mine for 100 bucks 2 or 3 years back. Serves me great to this day, won't get that from a WE.
  7. just saw this thread. I've ordered a couple batteries from cbp over the years and highly reccommend them. all the elite NIMH batteries I've recieved from them are excellent and I wouldn't buy anything else.
  8. this is an airsoft forum. You have your burned out older types like guges, stupid young kids, and then a contigent of hardcore airsofters who are notorious for being bad with girls
  9. Looking for a G3 pistol grip
  10. What if you mixed jello and used depth penetration tests to calibrate fps?
  11. Enjoy the possibility of having shards of BB fly into your eyes. If you can cut up a microwave, im sure you can spend 5 bucks on anti-fog fluid.
  12. they both use version 2 gearboxes.
  13. The guy who supposedly scammed you is going crazy. Get definitive proof it is a dboys, post it here, and you can garner some more support. He has nothing on you, and you didn't threaten him.
  14. You'll get nowhere near 280. Airsoft guns devalue like crazy, with a few notable exceptions. Yours isn't one.
  15. Loosen or remove the plastic thing that attaches to the rear of the gearbox
  16. The hell ever happened to normal buckings? Get a systema bucking or a guarder clear.
  17. Figures a guy who owns 4 bullpups would say that
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