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  1. Lol, too long. Have you ever held one, are you just blatantly making up things?
  2. BE AUG's are outdated subpar guns. I would avoid it especially as a newbie.
  3. A shame. Nothing wrong with the CA series of G3. I highly recommend them if you're into G3's... Hopefully the market lets out an improved g3, but until then, my ca will keep serving me well as it has since I bought it 5 years ago.
  4. its possible the used bushings you have are 'worn in' or something. there's lots of variables, bushings are damned pieces of metal with a hole in them. Why you'd replace them is beyond me.
  5. The tokyo marui mags will last you years of trouble-free use. I tried going for cheaper mags and wasn't pleased with the results.
  6. I use .25s. best mix of range, accuracy, and speed for an AEG.
  7. I hate when people say to spend 100 dollars on boots. I use 25 dollar cheap jungle boots or my tennis shoes. I don't have problems.
  8. don't worry OP if it looks cool you should do it. You too, can look like Ghost from COD MW2!
  9. gear and all that is overrated. get a simple, cheap vest to hold your gear, such as a chicom. I've been airsofting for years and recentley I just do it in jeans and tennis shoes.
  10. Okay I've got a classic army AK here. Gearbox works fine on semi and auto settings outside of the gun. Inside the body, it will only shoot FA regardless of selector position. The gun also has very low FPS. The gearbox compression is great and the hopup seems to be together correctly. Any ideas?
  11. tm 1911 slide catch marui 226 outer barrel marui 226 spring guide rod
  12. I used some silicone oil a local tech had, from a hardware store. It left some irreversible stains on the plastic body of my marui 1911. I have since only bought airsoft branded silicone oil, just to be safe. You may want to spot-check your gun when using it on the inside or somewhere where you can't see.
  13. usually I stay up until 4 am getting my airsoft stuff ready, wake up at 8 in a daze, and go with some water and maybe a few snacks since I'm too lazy to actually make a decent meal to bring.
  14. I was tinkering with M4 hopups back when you thought Super-9's were the , buddy. I think I know what I'm talking about.
  15. I'm saying it's really not a better part, and wouldn't be worth the hassle to install and waste of a part for no gain.
  16. everytime I use the see new posts button, I get a board error and no results are displayed. Whats up?
  17. There's nothing wrong with a two piece hopup. No need to convert.
  18. Your gun's contacts will eventually wear out. It's not advisable for long term reliability to use a setup like that. I've been using my G3 for 3 years now on a high powered battery with no problems, because of my MOSFET. That's reliability.
  19. semi auto is more demanding on your gun's electrical system. that is the motor, battery. I wouldn't say it's 'bad' for your gun unless you run a powerful battery/setup without a mosfet, as that will destroy your trigger contacts fast.
  20. I lube everything. Never affects my performance negatively.
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