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  1. I've got some nudes you may be interested in
  2. that crossed my mind, but it'd be difficult to do.
  3. I'd rather spend the money on a quality barrel for an upgrade. I view these 'budget' tbb's as a replacement barrel, not an upgrade over stock. Just to replace a missing or damaged barrel cheaply
  4. There's no real advantage to steel, it's a moot point
  5. You could try messing with the hopup seal to leak air
  6. " .25s WILL not fly further than .2s, and they DO NOT hit harder. Please listen to the rules and understand what you are talking about before you answer someones question. .25 gram bbs have more mass so gravity has more effect on them, therefore they will not travel as far as a lighter object shot with the same force (In simple terms .25 is heavier so it will fall to the ground sooner than a .2). " Dude, what the hell OP, that link you gave is run by an idiot. He needs to learn basic physics.
  7. Area 48, east san jose and some stuff down south Mikeforce airsoft sequioa airsoft in the Santa cruz mtns ( ) bay area airsoft league, local forum, check it out
  8. Standard M16A2/ M4A1 Style. Plastic is fine. PM me.
  9. just give it a quick spurt of gas before storage, with the can upright instead of upside down
  10. Scopes are a waste of money Iron sights suck half the time too. Just use them to get started aiming, then walk BB's to the target at distance magnifying scopes can be useful in helping you track the bb's flight path more accurately at distance, again for the bb walking method red dot scopes are accessories that look cool. that's about it I've been airsofting for like 5 years now and I never find myself using sights when I'm actually 'battling'
  11. You really shouldn't trash talk civilians like that. Civilians do lots of things, just different than the military. I bet an 11B can't do what a surgeon does, but it doesn't matter because they don't. Everybody has a different job to do.
  12. The TM sucks. The externals are creaky and unsatisfying. The gun is underpowered for most uses, though it does cycle well. The classic army can do everything the TM does as well or better. Maybe if it didn't cost 200+ it'd be a worthwhile purchase.
  13. Get the classic army model. JG if you are broke. G&G Makes one if you've got cash to burn.
  14. Get yourself some of this and the motor should be good as new, OP. http://www3.telus.net/bc_triumph_registry/smoke.htm but seriously, if it's smoking, it's basically trash now. Try a new motor.
  15. I'm a Navy Seal, and when they tell me they are one, I simply inform them I am as well.
  16. I sincerely doubt any airsoft optic would hold up to that kind of use for long.
  17. You can try removing the selector, spring, and bearing, and opening up the bearing slots deeper on the reciever. You'd want to be careful not to do more than a very small amount at a time. I did with with a guarder receiver to good results. If you overdo it the bearing may stick in and you'll have to fill the holes with a filler and remake them, which may not look very good.
  18. Call them and order via phone. They have what you need. Just say I need part number '123' from gun 'x'
  19. Ideally you'd want to keep each gear with EITHER bushings, or bearings. I wouldn't want a bearing on one side and a bushing on the other. But it'll run fine even if you don't follow this
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