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  1. Looking to get a King Arms MK23 Socom Silencer threaded in 16mm+. Looking to spend ~$20+shipping. http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/king-arms-socom...ml#.U3Ut1fmcLqI
  2. Looking for a KWA LM4 Magpul PTS lower. PM me with offers.
  3. I second a TM Hi-Capa. It's a great gun and will serve you very well. I just got a 4.3 from ehobby shipped for $160. Great little pistol with TM's renown reliability. This pistol will serve you well and I highly recommend it.
  4. I would say both are not very good options. I understand the allure of a "7.62" rifle in airsoft but in practicality, it's not very good. Don't get me wrong, the VFC SCAR-H is a great gun. I personally own the VFC SCAR SSH. However, mags are the key factor when it comes to these guns. Both guns only accept VFC mags. I know other brands make the scar-h, but their mags do not fit properly. I think the scar hi-caps are close to $40 each and very hard to come by new. You can find them occasionally used, but they still range from $25-30ish. As for the 417, they also use proprietary mags. They're $27 for midcaps and $38 for hi-caps. I would also second the VFC 416D or the SR635. You get the great VFC quality in which allows you to use M4 mags, which are plentiful and relatively inexpensive compared to these guns.
  5. The gsb stuff looks really nice. Didn't know ProG4, Shooters, and GSB came from the same factory. Unfortunately, I didn't see any 4.3 length slides. Maybe I'm blind or not looking in the right place. At $69, it's a great deal though. Does anyone have experience ordering from dentrinity or ProG4? If they slides are similar or almost the same, I'll probably end up ordering from whoever gives me the least hassle. <AT>adog112: For your TK build, about how much hop are you applying? I can get some pretty good distance on mine but not 200'. Any tips?
  6. I think I'm gonna run the PDI 6.01. As for the bucking, I'm feeling it's gonna be between Maple leaf 70 deg, nineball purple and the stock one. Any input on that? If I recall correctly, A+ made the reaps, which wasn't very good from my experiences. Also, kinda as a side question, which slide manufacturer would you recommend, Shooters Design or ProG4?
  7. Thanks for the info. I'm surprised a 6.03 would be more accurate than a 6.01. As far as I have experienced, the PDI 6.01 is more accurate than my prometheus 6.03 at the same length, but I supposed it could be different for pistols. Has anyone had any experience with maple leaf buckings? They look very interesing
  8. I'm doing a 4.3 Hi-capa build and I wanted some feedback about inner barrels. In a lot of my setups, I use Tanio Koba Hop Twist barrels. These barrels are great and I love their performance. However, for this build I was looking to do something a little different. I was wondering how good the PDI 6.01mm stainless barrels were on pistols. I have a 6.01 in my KWA SR-12 and it shoots great, but I've never run one of their barrels in a pistol before. Also, what bucking would work well with the PDI barrel? Also, if you think the TK Twist will work better in this build or other barrels, feel free to put some input too!
  9. I'm looking for a Magpul PTS M4-2000 flashider and silencer set. I'm looking for the 6" silencer, not the 4" one. Seems like they're sold out everywhere. Help me out!
  10. In a deal, I got a new stock WA 6" Infinity. I think it's a SCW3 model. I'm looking primarily for 6" metal slides, outer barrels, and hammers, but any aftermarket part will be considered. I know these parts are few and far between but here's a shot to finding something. I also am interested in SV compatible mags, either the 33 round ones or the 51 rounders.
  11. I'm inclined to agree with voxcaster about Kapolei Airsoft (KA). It was very unprofessional and a bad experience. The field looked as if it were setup in a back yard. While none of my gear/property was stolen there, the reffing and scenarios were pretty bad. Some examples of the scenarios. It was the anniversary of 9/11 so we had an armalite vs ak game. The AK team was sent out onto the field first to fortify. The first time the scenario was run, the ref told us we had 1 free minute to move and the AK team couldn't fire at us. So the game started and we pretty much sprinted to the positions and surrounded the ak team (literally standing right next to them ready to fire). It didn't help that ARs tend to outnumber AKs in airsoft. They complained and we ran the scenario again. This time they were allowed to fire from the beginning (no 1 minute grace period). In the second scenario, we got beaten badly since there was a 4' choke point into the AK fortified area. Our assault stalled and we pretty much got wiped. The refs then came up to us and told us we didn't know how to stack up and that's why we lost. Second scenario was a fight where the teams were divided into the two sides. One of the refs decided to play and use his bolt action dragunov. I think the fps for the field was 400 for all guns, including bolt actions. He then commented to me that I had a cool gun, but his dragunov was cooler since it was shooting 525 with .25s. During the game, he proceeded to climb onto a roof (which we were told we couldn't do, but seeing as he was a ref, I suppose some rules don't apply to him) and fire from that position. A couple of us started to return fire at him and a ref came over and started yelling at us, asking why we were firing so high (I suppose they were concered about bb's leaving the field and hitting potential bystanders outside). We told him we were firing at the guy with the dragunov standing on the roof. He looked, saw his buddy on the roof and then again yelled at us for firing at the roof and told us not to shoot at him. If this doesn't scream unprofessionalism, I don't know what does. I guess the lesson is try every field once. Don't let my bad experience deter you from going there (I don't think it will). Seeing as you're in that area, why not hit up HEP or ASP? I had a great time at HEP and highly recommend that field. The only one issue was the polar star problems, but I think they fixed that. P.S. KA has 2/5 on yelp so my incident isn't an isolated one.
  12. I'm interested in a vsr stock provided it would be similar to an m40a5/a3 style stock. I didn't see this thread till now and I've been searching for an aftermarket stock for my vsr. I'm very interested.
  13. I'm pretty sure you could use this to remedy your CCW/CW problem. Why buy a new flash hider when you can buy a $15 extension which changes your gun's threads from CCW to CW. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=8368 If you don't wanna do that, I'm pretty sure (not 100%) that all the silencers have the same threads. I think it's only the flash hiders which have different threads.
  14. yup, that looks pretty sexy. I got a hurricane HK416 and fell in love with these kits. Is yours for sale?
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