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    Weight lifting, football, airsoft, and Hammer/Weight throwing<br />Personal Record:<br />- 43' for the weight<br />- 109'7" for the hammer(i was garbage last year this year im expecting 160')

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    Knights SR-16 stats: - G&P marine receiver - G&P CQBR rail kit(RAS) - 400 fps - 23 rps Kwa G18c -work in progress
  1. I think it will look nice, personally id buy it and use it on my m4, but its really no different than a regular one. just a difference price, they are equally functional.
  2. As for the ICS to KWA parts swap option, I think the only parts that are not compatable are the: -Anti Reversal Latch -Air Nozzle -Cylinder Head? this one im unsure of. those may be the only three that are not fully compatible from my knowledge, I haven't worked on an ICS in a year or two. As for the KWA, I think that it also is not fully compatible itself, I know they both have weird hop up sets, that may be the extent of it though. Also anything is possible with enough mods. buy yourself a dremel, some jb weld, and go wild. but with modding, you will ruin parts and guns, and if you don't have the money or means to replace it, don't do it.
  3. well the problem is these are highspeed gears... the 110 would work but wouldnt have the rof you are looking for.... I would recomend going with the 100.. also what motor are you using that plays a large factor. these gears have little torque so you would be better off(if you are looking for high rof) with the 100. and guarder springs run a little stronger so that 110 is like a 120 and the guarder 100 is like a normal 110. so just get a guarder 100.
  4. CO2 is CO2, wether its from a small tank or a large one it has the same psi output, the only thing you should worry about would be if you use hpa(high pressure air) or LPA(low pressure air) but you shouldnt need to worry since those are for paintball guns(called nitro tanks they use air instead of c02)
  5. uhhh, this is true, but completely wrong at the same time. you want to put as much into a dmr as possible, since it will endure alot of abuse. the stock gears will work, but prometheus will make it last longer, a 210% is stronger than a 130, and yes a db is a good barrel, its not the only factor in fps increase, for a dmr, accuracy and distnace is more important, so getting a firefly bucking is a good choice(hard type bucking)
  6. actually an guarder sp150 should be givening a higher fps then an m150 spring, so it may be that the m170 settled and left the two closer to eachother, since guarder sp springs are alot lower rated than the m series, think of it this way a guarder sp120 gets 430-440 fps when an m120 gets around 400 fps. EDIT: wow I forgot about what I was talking about. your compression may actually be bad, since with those springs, the air is probably getting lost in the nozzle and hop up. but deffinitly put in a 120 spring if you have one, that will give better detmerniation since those are more consistent and easier to test with, lets you work on your gun and not worry about wearing down parts.
  7. most of my team owns them.... there made by classic army, its just a logo branded on it because they bought the rights to use it. does it look like this...?
  8. thats the only thing I don't agree with ;), but seriously the cmag is great, since they are real(not to that extreme), but they do encourage alot of wasting your shots(pray and spray).well for upgrades, if I were you id look into a new motor, such as an eg1000(now I don't know if kiki already mentioned that, ADD kicked in after the first 5 lines.) but those parts and a new shim job, will give you better performance than almost any stock gun.
  9. other than on airsoft gi, Prometheus standard ratio is actually called torque up, not double, just torque up, but it is actually standard ratio,just given a new name.
  10. were about in RI are you, im in EG I play with both those people 171st and farmer, go to http://www.warzoneri.com thats an airsoft field in RI, and HTTP://www.riasf.org is a rhode island airsoft forum, youll get alot of info there
  11. ehh well this is really old, he doesnt look on here much anymore, and that team doesnt exist anylonger, as of last month, we have merged with another team, and now we take the name swamp yankees. but we have talked to people on both horseman and RIST, maybe we will see you at Warzone.
  12. my mags are also very loose(same problem with the same body manufacturer), electric tape around the mag fixed it perfectly.
  13. they are nice, but having both, I reccomend G&P over it, much nicer, and a durable paint coat, its nicer imo, but if you like the CA body, its still good quality.
  14. it may be the hop up, are they leaving the barrel with a good amount of force, to test this shoot a coke can point blank, if its getting good compression, it will have a good amount of force when it hits, and then you have a hop up problem, wich it sounds like ,try turning it up a little more and spray silicone oil(airsoft made) down the barrel for .25-.5 of a second
  15. slide it forward..... if that doesnt work, well it will work, just be carefull and do it slowly.
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