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  1. >>G36 Picture Thread<< Please use the search function...
  2. Title pretty much says it all. Just wanting to know because I'm really interested in the full metal body.
  3. Ya, I saw Ratatollie on Friday. It wasn't as good as everyone said it was. But, that's just my opinion...
  4. Well, If anyone saw Transformers today, did you guys notice that the marines (well, some of them) were wearing Multicam? Or was it just my imagination? I thought it was pretty cool. Anyways, the movie was awesome if anyone was wanting some feedback before seeing it. the Animation was amazing. And it was pretty funny as well. Well, just my 2 cents. Have a good night! -Commanderbob-
  5. but you have to remember, thats why FN made the five-seveN, is so your sidearm could pierce body armor, so they made the p90 for more than just a "sidearm"
  6. I was just wondering witch branch of the military uses the P90 (tell me if its US, germen, etc. as well)
  7. lol, ok thats good, because I was about to have to start making fun of you jk
  8. why do you need a scope on a shotty?
  9. Title says it all. I'm trying to get some ideas for an M4 setup (I'm not trying to copy your guns. just get ideas)
  10. I don't think any one will buy it, seeing as though you probably only paid a little over $100 for it altogether unless you bought it from a bad sight...
  11. your right, we should just run around in t-shirts that say "lets be unrealistic" and cargo shorts. well look just like the real thing....
  12. umm.....yay? I mean, its not that big of a deal....
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