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  1. Now now. I hope you know Chinese and Japanese characters are very similar. In fact they share most of the characters. It is the way that they pronounce it that is different. I am taking Chinese right now. It has been a long time since I posted here. Its cool to see spell check.
  2. Oh use PVC as the frame. It is really cheap and light. The strengh is up to you. I use stuff that is about an inch in diameter. Use the angled pieces to shape the buildings. I use these sometimes. But tarp isnt my favorite and isnt that cheap. I don't know what to use instead of tarp.
  3. Well I havent been around here in a long time. I have been really busy with stuff and ive been mowing lawns. So I have a little money now. Anyway. I see a lot of new MPEGs now. JG and ECHO mostly. I havent purchased anything yet because I can't play airsoft anywhere close to Austin. Backyard airsoft is really dumb just like you guys said it was. But I guess I didn't listen untill the police came. Ive been searching for a field to play in close to Austin but I can't find one. Can anyone help me? Ive searched a lot already but I can't find anywhere.
  4. No it was on the U.S. Actually I think it was airsplat so it doesn't count. But there are some magazines for around that much on other sites.
  5. I can get a full metal magazine for a full metal glock for 22 bucks.
  6. I wanted green or black uniforms that look like the ones from splinter cell. Are there any?
  7. Radio active materials are not allowed on the plane LOL. How many people have radioactive materials? The ones that do probably don't care about the rules anyway.
  8. Are there any GBBs that have cheap magazine? 15 dollars or less? Maybe they can store the gas in the gun and not the magazine?
  9. I also got an email from M4airsoft.com and they said they would have a full metal full auto M92 for about 65 dollars shipped. Anyone else see it.
  10. I need a good gas gun preferably blow-back. I saw the HFC M92 Full Metal and Full Auto. I think its ok. I have a KWC Plastic beretta. Will the magazine in the KWC fit in any of the other guns?
  11. Eugene Stoner is much better. I believe that the AK was slightly based on the MP-44. The M16 Series is one of the best in the world. Why do you think the U.S. Military uses it?
  12. Well if you can afford it then get an AEG. The faster shot follow up beats the slower spring rifles by far. Most good AEGs are almost as accurate as spring rifles anyway.
  13. www.M4airsoft.com But I don't mean to advertise.
  14. You also have to remember that all airsoft guns inaccurate like there real-steel counterparts so a carbine is probably a better choice because it is smaller and lighter. The difference between a carbine and a rifle in airsoft probably wont matter much.
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