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  1. Haha, I know that feeling. Saddly, Christmas pretty much sucks if youre a 19 year old college student and are living alone about 2500 miles away from home. That being said, I just asked my mom for some cash partly to PAY BILLS (Yeah, thats right, to PAY FREAKING BILLS)... That being said, enjoy Christmas and overall everyday while you still live with your family. Happy holidays everyone.
  2. I have ordered several time from them, and never have had major problems... Although the 2 last times Ive ordered, 1 I got the wrong item (No big deal, called them, and told me they would ship the right item right away, without even waiting for me to return the wrong one). However, the last time, among various other things, I ordered a "Hitech IC Smart Charger" which was defective upon receiving it. I both wrote them about it, and posted in the review section of the item what my experience was. I didnt got any response from them, and curiously, the review was never approved and posted on their site...
  3. 5/10 I don't like industrial rock too much.. Acid Bath- Scream of the Butterfly
  4. 9/10 That was actually pretty awesome. Will check out more songs from the band. Outshined- Soundgarden
  5. Hummm... Pics please? There are more than 1 brand of L96 brands out there, if you want to know the EXACT manufacturer. If it originally costed between 100-200$, I would guess its either an UTG or an AGM. Anyway, Im pretty sure both brands are very similar, so a manual of one could be used for the other. Don't quote me on this one though, as I am only familiar with the UTG model.
  6. That really sucks man... Anyway, good call on asking for your money back.. The rifle is just too new, so well have to wait for WE to (hopefully) fix known flaws and release a new version. As for the catch part that broke, if that little round thing on the right is a broken part, one can see that the metal they are using is extremely brittle, judging from the shape of the broken surface.
  7. 8/10 Pretty good song from the Maiden. Cities on Flames with Rock N Roll- Blue Oyster Cult
  8. You don't see them coming , therefore cant dodge them or trace them back to the shooter.
  9. Very good song. I actually went to a concert of them in Berlin. "Happy timeees!" My song stands: White Rabbit- Jefferson Airplane
  10. Meh, never liked FF too much 6/10 White Rabbit- Jefferson Airplane
  11. Wow, nice choice. 9.8/10 for song. Its one of my favourite songs all times Endorama by Kreator (Thrash Metal) EDIT: Didnt saw someone posted Laterlaus above me. Also an awesome song by an awesome band 8/10
  12. 8/10 for song 9/10 for the band 10/10 for the band with Mike Portnoy Angels don't Kill by Children of Boddom (Melodic Death Metal, some might find it genious, some horrible)
  13. CMP

    Disturbed: Asylum

    Oh man, the album is awesome! Same old sound with new twists. I love it! I find the song "Asylum" pretty awesome. The Infenction is pretty good too. But overall, there is NO song I don't love. Some songs feel a little monotone, but still sound good.
  14. CMP

    Disturbed: Asylum

    Meh, well, to each his own. I just thought you were that type of guys who go around saying "OMG nu metal is for newbs onlee!". That gets on my nerves lol. Anyway, back on topic. I will be buying the digital edition tomorrow, so Ill post my opinion when I hear it a couple of times.
  15. CMP

    Disturbed: Asylum

    Thats a pretty good answer lol. But you need to be open minded. Have you even given Disturbed a chance? Or just say that they are not good just because they are "nu metal posers" as every 15 year old posts on youtube? Anyone who hears good metal like you should know not to be so closed minded towards music... Personally, the only music genre I cant stand is rap.. Rap and that sh!t those kids like Selena Gomez, Jonas Brothers and all those guys make (I don't even know what genre to call it).
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