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  1. good call!!! yea def. but cargos**. I just thought it would look stupid with the khaki shirt**
  2. oh yea DEF no set rule....they follow more of a do and wear what ever I want because I am a bad lol. I persoanlly just liked the jeans look. But I mostly wanna see what others think :)
  3. Yes....pretty much the pants are the only difference. I was enlisted in the Marine Corps as a rifleman, so I know a thing or two about professionalism. In my opinion, jeans seemed like more of a blackwater thing to me...but thats my opinion. As far as tucking pants into your boots...we actually don't tuck them in, we blouse them with boot bands. But a lot of spec ops guys actually don't blouse they're boots including security firm guys...I don't know the reasoning but thats the truth. But maybe a shirt tuck in would be a good idea....
  4. sorry guys youll have to click on the photo. cant get it any bigger in the post errrr
  5. Yes I got someone to take pictures of me....don't judge me. But I need som opinions...which set up is cooler? (trying to score a blackwater or private security firm look)
  6. So Ive checked out the tactical airsoft arenas and all these fields around, and NO OFFENSE to them, but absolutely none are really sparking my interest (too many rules, regulations, guidelines, cost and pretty much seem to be anti-fun). After I graduated high school I joined the Marine Corps as an 0311 (infantry rifleman). I have since been honorably discharged. Anyways I played airsoft when I was younger, got out of it, and a coworker of mine inspired me to start playing again. So I wanted to get some guys together to possibly play at a place like the henryton center (a sniper for a FBI hrt team, informed me CIA, FBI, and SWAT actually use to train there) so I figured it would be a PERFECT place for some airsoft battles. Anyone tried yet??
  7. Hey guys whats up. I use to play airsoft when I was younger, but got out of it for a while. But a co-worker of mine got a SIG and an mp5 so now Im getting back into it...BIG time lol. We need some more people to play with though, there are about 4 of us that play seriously. Two of them are joining the Marine Corps and I enlisted in the Marines out of high school, but have since been honorably discharged. Anyone interested? PM or email me cmkostolni@<PLEASE DO NOT POST YAHOO ACCOUNTS IN YOUR MESSAGES> Just make a subject of "CQB airsoft" or something so I know its not SPAM. Later
  8. hey guys, I just purchased an new mp5 from tokyo. I havent fired but 50 shots. But the other day when I went to play BB's will not come out. It seems likes it having a feeding problem but the gun doesnt make a sound like the chamber is empty (usually theres a click when u pull the trigger and there is no ammo) but instead it makes a muffled sound and doesnt fire anything. Can somebody PLEASE help me out im getting pretty pissed off hah thanks c ya. Also if I fill the magazine up with just like 5 or 6 rounds, it will fire on full auto, but not single shot. what the HELL ha alright well thanks cya
  9. hey guys, hopefully you'll read his post. I live close to b-more MD and I really wanna start palying airsoft. Im in the Marine Corps infantry so I know good bit about CQB's and firing excerises. If you need another player email me cmkostolniPLEASE DO NOT POST EMAIL ADDRESSES IN YOUR MESSAGES - USE THE PM SYSTEM / UNLESS OF COURSE YOU LIKE SIGNING UP FOR A YEAR SUPPLY OF SPAMPLEASE DO NOT USE YAHOO IN YOUR POST . thanks cya
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