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  1. Okay, about the Tokyo Marui G36C. I will first show you: www.ehobbyasia.com It is the G36 there, for $258.0 I need to know one think. I am interested in putting an M120 spring in here (I havent bought the rifle yet) and all the other relative stuff (ie. metal bushings). But, I know that this gun can only take Mini Batteries. Please tell me, If I put in an M120 spring with the bushings, will I need to upgrade the battery. Because this is recommended: 350fps : 9.6V 600mah or above 400fps : 9.6V 1500mah or 8.4V 2000mah or above 450fps : 9.6V 2000mah or above Putting a M120 in would boost to around 380fps right? So what battery will I need? Also, do you think that the above (link) is a good deal for the U.K.? Does this G36C have a 'Quick Take Down'? Thanks, all help welcomed.
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