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  1. Black and purple femme fatale sounds amazing. If I can't bring my KWA to life, I'd even be tempted by that.
  2. Best concert I've gone to was Havok, Krisiun, Death Angel, and Sepultura at the Majestic. Neck was pretty damn sore after that... Most recent one, a friend dragged me into a bar to hear her friends band play. Had a great time, even danced some. The next day I finally got to ask who we even saw, and the band was called Hewn. No plans for upcoming concerts at the moment, probably will end up being local bands. It's pretty rare for bands I actually listen to to come here...
  3. I've done it once in woodland with a TM Hi-Capa, worked great. Probably would be my choice of gun if I had to do it again. If it was CQB, I'd have no issues going out with my TM M93r, but I suppose it would need some more power to be a good woodland primary.
  4. Go back another year to 2009 and I'd definitely have more to discuss, I've paid almost no attention to what's come out the last few years. I guess favorite album would be Monolith of Inhumanity by Cattle Decapitation. Also What If... by Mr. Big is pretty decent
  5. This. A NBB SKS or SVT-40 would be amazing. And my usual answer is Remington 7615. It's an 870 chambered in .556, and takes M4 mags. Assuming a good company did it, it would be the ultimate springer for skirmishes.
  6. Yeah, I never noticed that disconnect with any women I've played with, and they were all definitely above 20. It will be interesting if I go to an event now that I'm transitioning, get to see it from both sides.
  7. Well, depends on the situation. Both times I've been just riding along on my bike, when some idiot makes a turn in front of me without looking.
  8. I view cars as evil things that want to run me over and destroy the planet. That said, they can be pretty damn cool, and I absolutely love racing them in video games. Hard to pick a favorite. I think the Buick GNX is what's coming to mind.
  9. Well, randomly stopping in again, and I suppose it seems a little less dead now than the other times I've logged back in the last year or two.
  10. A burr does sound like something that could do that. Anyways, if you try and take it apart, take pictures of the process, carefully study it, and make sure you organize the parts you take out in a way that you can remember which way they go together. This will increase your chances of getting it back together. I've taken a mini-MP5 apart, and they are pretty simple to work with, hopefully this is the same way.
  11. Of course I support it, I'd like to have the option to get married. Though being a transgender woman, gay marriage is legal for me at the moment, and straight marriage isn't, lol. But once I start doing things like name changes and such, seems like it just becomes a giant mess where I have no idea if I can legally marry a man or a woman thanks to these stupid laws.
  12. The whole finding someone during high school thing is possible though, pretty sure my sister and her bf met sophomore year, and I think they seem to have the most perfect relationship I've seen. On the other hand, I can't think of anyone else I know that dated in high school and are still together, so don't get your hopes up too high. Anyways, airborne's advice seems pretty sound. I can definitely say the first date with the girl I'm seeing now was kinda awkward because we saw a movie, and then had to part ways right after because of the bus schedule... At least there was a little time for chatting.
  13. There are stick magazines available, you might need an adapter if I remember right. Either way, don't get it. Much better choices available.
  14. I do not recall seeing any trademarks on the D-Boys M16 that I had. Cybergun just takes guns and slaps crappy looking trademarks on them, so it most likely is the D-Boys M4 you ordered. If it comes in a D-Boys box, then I'd say you got what you ordered.
  15. A DE M47 with a LE stock is probably the best bet. Stock is adjustable, easier to :censored2: than that UHC MP5, pretty light, and hop-up is just good enough you won't be useless if you bring one to a game. http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPat...oducts_id=24318
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