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  1. I have a KWA SR12 2GX....has not been used in over a year now, last time I had it out it was chrono'ing at sub 200 FPS. The gearbox has never been opened, so I would assume the issues lie somewhere in the hopup, barrel, or airseal. I do not have the time to figure it out so I just need someone who can work on it for me, please with references and some sort of reputation around these parts. If you do good work I have got more coming your way- getting back into the sport and need alot of things sorted out
  2. I like that idea a lot. Ideally, id like the range of a TM trishot out of an M500....I realize I won't come close though. I may have to settle for the springer at the loss of metal externals and the m500...
  3. Speedloaders and hicaps rattle as well....the bottle might be worse, but I have a little 250 round bottle thats fairly thick plastic and allows very little movement on the inside. Would probrably only hold like 150 8mm though....should be plenty
  4. The loading on the 6mm is why I never skirmished it. For the 8mm, you can chop off the end of a bb contailer that has a spout in order to use it with 8mm and there ya go. Plus, when you reload before you run out it'll be quicker that way as well. Thoughts?
  5. The 8mm also takes less time to load tho, yes? Not that it would even out....I'm sure 90 shots from a 6mm is still quicker than 90 shots from an 8mm even with reloading time factored in. And since I play strictly woodland, I think the 8mm would be better suited for the brush penetration and tighter groups, right? I used to have a 6mm but never skirmished with it. Only Maruzens and trishots.
  6. Just as the title says, all answers welcome, but please let me know if its experience or speculation And yes, I realize they are not built for range, nor are real shotguns. Thanks
  7. If we want to use the existing tri-shot loading system....Polarstar should make the power behind it. Then, it'd be epic. HPA Semi-auto trishot...
  8. Itd be great....but its never going to happen... Someone prove me wrong. Until then, HPA AR that looks like a shotgun it is.
  9. Im working with what Ive got to build a very effective skirmish shotgun. If I could have a reliable multi-shot shotgun with range past 150 feet, I would, but as far as I know this doesnt exist. I think Ill be buying another TM trishot before the fusion engine though. Alberty, what would your ideal be for a semi-auto multishot? I think our difference may be that I NEED range. If I didnt, my Maruzen M870 would come off the shelf for more than dry-firing and throwing blue shells everywhere Here is my project, I completely redid the front kit, but this is close Itll use a drum mag because 12g shells don't fit in a standard AR mag, lol. With it there will be a shell holding side saddle, and Ill wear a 50+ shell bandoleer to give it an overall shotgun look
  10. I just don't see why thats an issue. My AEG shotgun is near finished. I opted out of an AA12 for now, just because Im a perfectionist and Ill never have it close enough to make me happy Mine is basically a (fantasy) 12 guage upper reciever for an AR, and will be equipped with a 3-round burst polarstar fusion engine with the ROF turned all the way up. Will it be a true burst? No, but itll be damn accurate and an extremely effective skirmish weapon, while looking like bamf shotgun. It wont replace my trishots either, but it will be the most effective shotgun on the field. Many will disagree with the concept, tell me its not a true burst, its not a shotgun blah blah blah, its my custom gun so luckily I can do what I want EDIT: Just want to add- true burst is always going to be complicated or limit the performance. no way around it. If I had a CQB field, I wouldnt bother with this gun, but range is an issue for me when shotgunning.
  11. Regardless, my buddy is coming this evening to outline the AA12. His artistic ability beats mine by a long shot. I need the demensions! I had them before but can't find them again.
  12. You mean MY plan? Anyways I never went through with it. Back into airsoft again, considering it. Have the materials.
  13. Anyone know if the TM shells are worth the extra cash? Damn the multi colored shells.... quick edit... What is it with people and pumping these trishots? They have never given me any trouble and until I put that AR stock on Ive never had a buttstock on what....The factory one fell off in the box, lol. No, they cant be terminator cocked but unless you have spaghetti noodles for arms it should be fine
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