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  1. Here you go. It's from STAR. http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/star-laser-boresighter.html
  2. Brought to you by Mothers Against Guns. MAG! I say Boycott all MAG products!
  3. I toasted some bread and when it came out, it looked just like me! OMGWTFBBQFTW!
  4. The really busy looking MP5's with a lot of on them tend to be my favorite. it's such a tactical looking gun. example.. the guy above me has a sweet set up.
  5. new bracket today. http://www.collegehumor.com/bully/vote:14 thanks for all those who voted.
  6. So over the summer my friends and I video taped us playing dodgeball on our homefield courts here in Chicago. We edited it to some fun jazz music and threw it up on youtube so we can show everyone who comes to play with us and such. Good Times. You can view it I figured it was our 4th summer playing the game there, it was about time to start documenting it. Enter Rockstar Games and them wanting to promote the game Bully. They saw that video of us playing and asked us if we wanted to have a Bully Dodgeball tournament on our courts. They would sponsor us by giving us all the dodgeballs we would need as well as giving us t-shirts to wear for it. Bonus points if we made it relate more to the game by having more than one clique associated towards the game and what nots. I called my friend who had a better video camera than I did because I would like it to capture the footage in the dimmer conditions. We play on an outdoor court at night time so on single CCD cameras, it is a bit granier and such. I also had him wear his roller blades just so we can get some decent moving shots and ramdom other angles rather than just hand held or zoomed in tripod shots. Those are cool, but they never seem to feel as involved. We only had 2 nights to complete this video, and for our time restraints, I think we did a mighty good job. We wrote the song playing in the background as well as the end credits using garage band, we edited it using my academic version of FCP and the team intro sequence was done in Aftereffects+LiveType. The real tournament now is a whack popularity contest on College Humor for $5000. Not trying to be biased or anything, but a lot of the other videos are pretty unbearable to watch and some are downright painful. But as with many elections, popularity wins over quality. So, I ask… Watch our video first here, Link to UIC's video then gander on our competition production. Then vote honestly on which ones you think are more entertaining and better produced. This is the brackets. I asked how it was set up and the reply I got back from the head hanchos who run this was "Dudes at R* watched em, rated em, seeded them 1-16 and put them into a standard tournament format with teams 1, 2, 3 in the seedings having byes." So I know at least Rockstar thinks it is one of the better ones. Thanks for your support. Joe Vote University of Illinois Chicago
  7. Before I bought a cylinder head remover tool thing, I used 2 allen wrenches to get the head off. it worked fine for me without breaking anything.
  8. order all your parts from www.x-fire.org it is all PDI highassquality parts. that's what I did.
  9. $100 for a good enough aeg $250 for a standard TM (skirmish worthy in a real game) $350 for a really good AEG these are with no upgrades or accessories
  10. have you tested if the motor uses up more battery life than a standard eg1000 or comparible motor yet?
  11. you can also use chocolate to polish metal. this site used chocolate on the bottom of a coke can and the way it is shaped, they were able to start fires with it. http://wildwoodsurvival.com/survival/fire/...ndchocolatebar/
  12. I bought a bag of 1000 Straight .36g bb's a year and a half ago, I still have half a bag left. sniping dosen't use up many bbs
  13. that's a pretty sweet mod. even though you are new on this form, the quality of how you did that dosen't put you into the newbie ranks. there are people on this forum that have been here for a while that should still be newbies with what kind of gear they buy and how they choose to mod their gun. this is definately a cool mod.
  14. tom berrenger wouldnt buy a gas sniper rifle. btw, did he have his right index finger?
  15. lol <AT> the question and the answer. it will have the same energy regardless of what weight bb you use in your gun as long as you keep the spring the same and everything the same as you are switching between the bbs.
  16. The APS and the Type96 are some of the EASIEST rifles or airsoft anything to upgrade ever. If you know how to turn a screw or two, you could easily take it apart and install new parts.
  17. Is that where the whining comes from? I thought it was from the high reving engin (14K+ rpm F1 cars) or their girlfriends yelling at them for spending too much time and money on their cars (rice burners).
  18. lol. this one made me laugh a bit. but yeah, classic army makes metal body kits that are a bit heavier than the stock. metal cocking tubes, metal grip and recievers as well. you can get a full stock and put a large battery in there to give it some more weight as well.
  19. He's just being bitter cause he bought the inferior Tanaka to the superior Maruzen. haha. jk. but seriously though, Maruzen = Bugatti Tanaka = Ferrari Chinese version = Civic jk.
  20. I bought one for looks, but during actual game play, it is very annoying cause branches and bushes ALWAYS get tangled up on it.
  21. I love mine. you can even mount it on top so you can hold your AEG to the side all gangsta'. ha. But on a more serious note, it is very comfortable and would only get an AEG with one already there. My friends TM SR16 was sweet, the CA AR15 CQB and my Mp5 RAS is sweet as hell with one.
  22. Thanks for the answers! I already have everything in the gear box reinforced except for the gears and the actual gearbox. The only thing I'd need to replace is the gears and sooner or later, the gearbox. My spring isnt that powerful though, so I am not toooo worried about it. So I guess I'll have to spring for a full stock and get a large 9.6v battery to accompany the motor. I like airsoftGI, I've ordered plenty of AE bb's from them and random other parts. Now, I just have to sell a bunch of my older parts to get enough loot for all the upgrades. Soon I will have an Really Cool MP5 *muahahaha* (shakes fist in air)
  23. or people could gradually save their money and buy the maruzen. it works both ways.
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