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lance bowman

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    Ukiah CA
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    Airsofting<br />backpacking<br />football (im number 71 in avatar)<br />wrestling<br />soon i will sart laccross (i don't know how to spell it, im tiered right now.)<br />videogames<br />talking with friends<br />school band

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    .028 soon i will get a CA g3 sg1 taktik,or the TM SOCOM16, or the new FN F2000 thats comming out. planing on a tight bore, and new hop up.
  1. the chris, or somthing like that....I saw it on Future Weapons.
  2. SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!! wow, post the truth, and nothing but the truth. (you had me fooled)
  3. well, this is one that I have been thinking about for awhile...U get a laptop, or computer moniter and ulpoad an immage of a bullseye and shoot that! It catches most of the bbs, and has a cool efect on impact! it is a little expensive though....and might be mildy dangerous.
  4. well, about 2 min. of searching could of answered ur questions about the price. Info for each brand can be found at their websites, or in forums like this....
  5. mine isa handgun, and I would use plastic bbs....It isn't powerful, it's a gamo p23. But lets get bak on topic, and answere the original question. pm me if u know how to put one back together... lol
  6. Ya, they look like good guns, I may or may not get one depending on price and quality.
  7. That...is....beautiful! I love it.....now all I need is 2k and im set! lol
  8. or u could mod the whole gun and replace the barrel, and put in an airsoft barrel! Not shure if it would work though im not familiar with PB markers. I did the same thing with my gas bb gun, but I never have put the thing back together.
  9. accourding to arnies they should be prity good....depending on price I may get one.
  10. ya, but if u read stuff on all mpegs,they all sound really nice. Do any of u know when the G and G f2000 is gonna be released? and the cost.
  11. ya, probably just another cheep chinese brand...but sence no other company makes a type 97(I think) they arn't rebrands then!
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