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  1. Thanks Brainplay, I followed that video and the site and took it down, cleaned it (no obvious debris found) lubed it and still had the same issues. What seems to be happening is the main valve (green in my case, yellow on that site) is overly tight, even when I initially set the pressure from 0 to desired it is not a smooth progression as I turn the adjustment screw nothing happens then it will jump 10 psi again I turn and nothing, then a jump, so something is getting snagged or stuck. What I did that seems to have helped a bit is swap out the o-ring on that main valve, as I am calling it, and I am getting some consistency but I would not call it a victory yet because I've had it work fine before then I swap out the CO2 cartridge and the whole thing goes back to skipping and hopping. I am awaiting arrival of more CO2 cartridges as I spent about 30 of them thus far trying dial this thing, very annoying.
  2. I don't think the gauge is at fault because the fps readout at the chrono confirms the changing pressures. A shot will register at 500 fps then 450 then 380 and back to 500 again just like the psi will jump from 80 to 50 to 30. I can get about 100 shots on one cartridge. Does Palmers provide explosion views of the regulator I can probably take it apart but putting it back together could spell trouble.
  3. Hi Guys, I thought I had all the parts for my CO2 powered KJW M700 but after getting the Palmer's regulator with the Macro Line Hose Kit and installing it into my KJW M700P and into the Action Army Company AAC-21 28rds Gas Magazine I cannot get it to shoot at consistent FPS and the readout gauge on the regulator shows the PSI jumping between 3 different readouts. I put a video together to better demonstrate what is happening. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrr6Dg9IuhA As the PSI changes the FPS changes accordingly. What I have noticed is when the CO2 cartridge is running down and there is only 5-8 full power shots left the pressure will stabilize and reset to the proper PSI between each shot until the pressure starts going down towards 0 as the gas runs out. Another way is if I take the mag out and simply tap on the valve knocker of the magazine with an allen key it will dump some gas and then reset the PSI back to the desired setting. I've contacted Palmer's about this and they said an o-ring might be dry or the tube is too tight and they will send me some replacement parts but I wanted to see if any of you had this happen and what did you do to solve this? Any help/suggestions will be appreciated.
  4. Here is mine, recorded by my brother, its got 50K+ views since it was posted.
  5. GBBRs are easier to work on than AEGs in my opinion, GBBRs mimic real rifle assembly in almost every way and many of the internal parts are interchangeable with real steal ones. They break down (take apart) just like the real thing with a removal of a pin, most problems can be fixed with minimal tools with just a field strip but the whole thing comes apart rather easy. I did some work on my AEGs and usually with no luck because an AEG is a spring and gear filled compressed set up and once you open up that gear box its probably never going back together again, a GBBR is motionless until a mag is put in, that's your power plant running all the moving parts so disassemble is rather simple. I love the crap out of them just ordered my second KJ Works M4 to create a DRM setup. I currently run a load out with 6 mags and propane tank, its a heavy load in fact my vest plus mags plus gas plus pistol and all the other junk comes out to over 30LBs, and reloading does take a while, the KJW mags load like old civil war muskets so patience is required, but you quickly learn trigger control and its very rewarding getting a kill with a close to life rifle running 30 round mags, although the KJ Works M4 mags can take 38 rounds.
  6. Hey Falcon, I see in another post you went with a WE GBBR but here is my quick review of the KJW m4 in battle conditions. I love it!!! Its friggin' loud, I put the Madbull amplifier on it and you can hear it anywhere, people said it sounds almost real. It worked well and I was surprised at how little ammo I used. I guess when you know you have 200 rounds you tend to limit yourself, but its really rewarding getting a kill with it and it gave me an excuse to use my sidearm. It did double feed on me one time and I shot a loud cloud of propane into the sky just as I was about to take out an unsuspecting target, luckily my buddy quickly covered me and took him out, but it was a giveaway for sure. The hop up would not work, I turned it every which way and never got that too much hop up situation when the bbs would curve up, instead they would always drop, but it was a non issue somehow. I am going to get the RA Tech tight bore and the hop up rubber and hope that fixes the issue. Overall it was a fun experience and I did not feel at a disadvantage against high cap AEGs. You completely forget about recoil and honestly you never notice it in game but it sounds oh so good. No one ever talks about the sound of a gbbr vs an AEG but that's a huge thing it makes each round feel special instead of firing off 18 rounds in one second with a quiet whoosh. If you are not too trigger happy a gbbr might be for you, it can be fielded with as few as 4 magazines but the more the merrier and you need a sidearm for sure. Reloading it is a little embarrassing you feel like a civil war soldier doing it.
  7. Hey Falcon, I got the full size version, bought it used but it looks like its never left the box came with 3 mags and a ton of spare parts including the cradle piston that was never installed, just ordered the RA Tech NPAS from ehobby hope that works well, I chose that over the cradle one because its easy to adjust, just turn the valve while its in the bolt assembly don't have to take it apart everytime. Also ordered 3 more mags from airsplat as well. I don't spray much but it will definitely be an adjustment from running 6 mid caps, I didn't even carry a side arm with the 416 set up but now I will have to just in case. I hope the VFC gbbrs are quality I initially wanted to get the WE Scar but every post about it was how something broke, especially that buttstock plate. Hope the VFC is a better product, too bad my KJW mags wont work with the we/wa/g&p/inokatsu products, but what can you do. Also the WE Tech m14 is looking really good, I tried it at AEX and it has a nice kick to it and a giant bolt which might take the abuse it would be put through.
  8. I just recently bought into the KJW M4 and its a beast, most solid rifle Ive ever held and my primary is the vfc 416. At first I didnt like the idea of the thermal mags but once I held it I fell in love, its a solid rock and they actually hold between 35 and 38 bbs not 30. Have not had a chance to skrim with it but I have done a lot of shooting in my garage and its functioning really good for the most part a few double feeds and sometimes the bolt doesnt lock when empty. The recoil was less than what I had expected but the sound is superior so loud especially with the madbull amplifier, sounds great not like an aeg sewing machine. Ill post a field report after I run it against 600 round high cap aegs.
  9. I have a TM Desert Eagle and its been on green gas exclusively since the start, I don't use it much but thus far no problems but a lot of bang.
  10. You guys with fogging goggles go to this link and buy this right now you will thank me later. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001JR4CIO I use this stuff and it works exactly as promised, smear it on the inside of your goggles and no fog all day, reapply every game or as needed. Also I've heard spit works as an anti fog liquid but this is less gross and works, I use it and can vouch for it.
  11. HK 416 with a 9.6v battery in the peq box, front heavy because of this. EOtech sight The stock is tan with tan ris rail covers and a vertical foregrip shooting around 350 One point sling 6 mid cap CA mags with magpuls My load out is Marine inspired but not true to the real deal I wear a low profile airsoft mask (field rules) with a head cover to soak up the sweat I don't carry a side arm I pack a bb loader and bb bottle in case I blow through the six mags, never really happens I wear boots and gloves keeping me safe from all the twigs bugs and mud I have a water pack with the suck tube on the back of my vest, gotta stay hydrated I always bring a back up gun and basic tools too cause you never know with these guns (kept in the car)
  12. A lot of fields that require a full pb mask wont allow this but if you play in private then go for it. You can also use a mouth piece like the football players if thats a concern.
  13. Seems like the tan team would at an advantage but with tree trunks and other debris it might be a balanced game. Wrapping your even while wearing woodland still makes sense becaue you gun is usually the most pertruding part of you and the idea is not to fully hide it but just breakup its profile.
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