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  1. And finally, I'm trying to convert to this system rather than MPEG and LPEG. My following groups are: Tokyo Marui, Classic Army, ICS, UTG, CYMA, A&K, Echo 1, JG, Systema, AGM, KWA, Both Elephant, G&G, G&P, Inokatsu, Maruzen, STAR, TOP, Western Arms, Realsword, VFC, King Arms, ARMY (and their first mentallly disabled rapper), HFC, WE, AIM, SRC, WELL, Jieke, Double Eagle, Kart, BOYI, JLS, UHC, Shoei, Cybergun, Crosman, TSD, Tipmann, Firepower, Aftermath, and Custom Made... I feel THAT system works better than the MPEG, LPEG and AEG system. lol I think you are being a little sarcastic even if you aren't I think the issue about calling guns mepgs/lpegs if a snob factor people don't refer to cars by price generally. and name them by manufacture even though there is quite a few. I just read a review in fact of a airsoft gun and in the description of the gun the body was described as really think mpeg plastic, do you think a scientist would be familiar with that type of plastic? I defenitly don't think that price necessarily shows quality years ago Nikon put a line of cameras out for like 10 dollars a Nikon Camera for 10 bucks there was no trick they where nice cameras, guess what they lost money people didn't buy them because they figured something must of been wrong with them or they where fakes. it doesn't cost much to make cameras or Aegs for that matter there is very high mark ups. a company can make good quality items for a quarter of what they sell them for the simple choice of selling cheap is relying on alot of sales rather than just a few at a higher price. Ohh yeah another thing about all the people who just trash talk lower priced guns since when did Airsoft have some deep rooted sacred Heritage? In my opinion it's all fair game They won't take over the market if they don't make guns that are at least of CA quaility why else would serious airsofters like my self buy them? If serious airsofters don't buy them then why worry? and if they do start making Fantastic guns why complain it's Capatilism at it's Finest Good Competition and the savings gets passed on to the consumers.
  2. Pretty recently lower priced aegs have flooded the market some decent quality some trash, the name mpegs and lpegs "medium priced electric guns" and "low price electric guns" have catogorized these aegs what is your opinion? are these guns deserving of these condeming titles or are people maybe just a little jealous of the new competitive prices? im not taking sides yet and personally don't own any mpegs/lpegs but im very interested to see what people think
  3. Acaully classic army has nothing over tsd, they make very good guns like Revenge Seeker said wobbly stocks a are a common problem and it annoys the hell out of me, but on the other hand their guns are generally reliable and well made. Many people who have no experience trash tsd, people saying ca is wayyyyyyy better than tsd have nothing to back that up and no this isn't a chanllenge I don't need an argument lol, but TSD does make some quality stuff easily on par with ca,tm, at the same time they have made some trash the new tsd gen II stuff though is great with all that said, like these people here I have grown to love CA. In this situation I would buy the CA. The g36 by CA is fantastic
  4. yes in my opinion, tm guns aren't as reinforced as ca guns stock, basically I don't think tm guns have anything on classic army it's pretty simple in my mind CA>TM thats just from my experience.
  5. im really sick of this I think im done here.. I was gonna post a review of the tsd rpk as every other review is of a mp5 of m4 I mean this gun is no cyma and I think alot of people are uptight because of the amount of money they have spent on guns and are sceptical of quality at that price (still more $ than a ca) but yeah why waste my time with a bunch of newbies who think they know what they are talking about (im not talking about you Baptiste I have no idea what your personal experiences are). I mean im not saying people are lying if they have had problems with the gun, quaility control very well may be a problem but if you get a good one they rock but still there is a 60 day warranty so yeah if there is riduclously unlikely problems your covered.......
  6. yes, yes in the future I just won't say anything happy? I didn't know I was going to write a review. there was a question I answered it tsd rpk hands down and gave it a little plug.im not a Newbie either I know airsoft guns and have been playing for years now... and yes shorty usa is retarded
  7. I got a ics mp5 as m first gun about 2 years ago now it's a great gun and still works great. uhh im tryin to think though what comes with it, at the time my gun came with only 1mag but it did include a cleaning rod manual etc no strap though either
  8. the tsd rpk is awsome! it really is insane for the price like the other guy said. it is such a good gun im not talking it's a good gun for 365 bucks im saying it would be a good gun for 700 it is hands down the best gun I hae ever owned it's not some fancy low grade aeg either it kills ca,ics,tm in internals and externals
  9. BlacKnight


    whoa this is a really old post it was only on like page 2 I totaly didn't pay attention wtf lol
  10. I have a full suit of russian woodland goes with my russian guns
  11. TSD FTW great company 60day warranty and awsome guns I would personally say ak47 reall wood and metal!!!! and shoots like 350 plus spare hicap it is a feakin amazing deal.
  12. wheres izhmash? go russian guns!! ehh I picked colt though really good guns 1911 mostly im refering too but still izhmash all the way
  13. ya darn right I feel the same way
  14. BlacKnight


    soo uhh like when I get out in airsoft do I kill and eat my friends?...
  15. im kinda mixed I guess im boreing when it comes to my primarys I carry a mp5 or ak but as far as secondarys Dual m93rs
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