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  1. The fps depends on a lot of factors. (I.e. type of bb's and the brand) And every website probably uses their own bb's that's different from others, so that's probably why the fps on every site is different. So just average the fps on the websites like MSUGreenGiant said.
  2. I've ordered some stuff (drum stuff... because I play drums and I order stuff from online) from UPS and they always ring the doorbell, leave the box on the doorsteps and leave. I think you can contact them and tell them to put it wherever you want.
  3. lol ok? hahha all the sudden you guys are talking about pirates, ninjas and samurais. lol Welcome to ASF! Hope you learn a lot of stuff here. :D And personally, gunners are the best!! They own pirates/ninjas/samurais
  4. Ok. just today, I was hiding right behind a fort, and right as I stuck my head out to the side to know where the enemies are, a sniper shot me on my forehead... 450fps... deadly painful.. it left a huge welt.. ouch
  5. Lol yea. it doesn't hurt that much except sometimes it stings. the sniper got me on the chest and it didn't hurt at all. hahaha and once, this guy was hiding beneath the tree right next to me, and he was camouflaged so I couldn't see him. And he shot me right at my left hand and left a welt. lol
  6. Hey guys! I'm a total newbie and I just had my first airsoft game at a nearby park. I didn't own a gun, but I managed to use my friend's since he had about 5~6 decent spring rifles and a cyma ak-47. I used his G3SG1 Spring rifle (I don't know the company) which he said was about 300fps. The Park was very good for airsofting. Basically it's a huge slope and one side starts at the top and the other side goes up from the bottom. And basically, we were all newbies. Most of us either lost our bad spring pistol or didn't have a gun, so we used my friend's. After each round, we got to switch the guns (which was pretty cool because I got to try out an AEG for the first time). Sadly, a UTG sniper rifle was the best gun there. Because of that, I thought I could own them when I get my Marui AEG (which I probably will, pretty soon). The matches were simple.. but sometimes intense. What I figured out from the numerous rounds, is that the wind takes huge part of airsofting. The bb can fly off anywhere if wind blows strong enough. So basically someone could run out the center of the field and others would keep on missing. I was wondering if this was because the guns we were using were very bad or if we just suck. Because I want my Marui gun to worth its price and be a lot more accurate than a CYMA Ak-47. The distance that we shot was about 20~40 ft. I liked the games except they were a bit tiring... Also I found out that I am pretty good with aiming.
  7. Alright man thank you so much! :D well I'm gonna go to the one in san diego. haha. sorry
  8. Hey! My friend and I were planning to go to Airsoft Extreme some time and we're both 14 years old. Do we need a parent to go into the store and look around or buy something?
  9. Hey! Welcome to Airsoft Forum! TM G36C is a really good choice :D I'm getting one too. Nice looking pistol!
  10. cykimtheazn


    Alright. Thanks a lot
  11. cykimtheazn


    So far I searched everywhere and ended up with these two guns: -TM Mp5a4 with a standard mag -spare 50rd low-cap mag -spare G&P 100rd mid-cap mag -speedloader -8.4v 3300mAh nimh battery -smart charger -lube -5000 bb's -goggles OR -TM G36C with a standard mag -King Arms H&K Pro Silencer ( 120mm ) -spare 50rd low-cap mag -spare G&P 130rd mid-cap mag -8.4v 1300mAh nimh battery -others the same as mp5 Both guns and most accessories from DEN trinity... mid-cap mags from trinity airsoft, battery/charger from batteryspace.com And I really don't know which one I should get, because I know almost all marui guns will be satisfying. I think g36c is a bit more expensive than the mp5... Please help! p.s. I was also thinking of the steyr AUG... /THOU SHALT NOT USE MY NAME IN VAIN/! so many choices.
  12. A) If you are a CQB person, you'll love it. it's good. Otherwise, the accuracy's not that great from long range. B) same as MSUGreenGiant. if you mistreat it C) Definitely worth money. It's pretty cheap for a marui gun. D) Yea. 170 is I think the cheapest price out there.
  13. Alright. I just searched for it. Then just give me a feedback or two on my guns/accessories.
  14. Ok. 1. I listend to what you said, but you didn't exactly respond to my answer. YES I do know that I would damage my gun, but did YOU read my comment after? I was asking for G36C specifically because I know that people use 9.6 on stock g36c guns. That's what I was asking you, why would others use 9.6 on stock g36c's and you ignored that comment. 2. And I suppose Xhado has a G36C and he told me that he used 9.6v on his stock g36c and it lasted for a year. So yea. I thank you for your answer but yours wasn't exactly what I was looking for because I already knew that fact. And don't tell me to listen because I do. Sorry. I didn't mean to argue with you.. :P anyways. yea. Thanks
  15. cykimtheazn


    ok. Finally, I came down to two conclusions. -TM Mp5a4 with a standard mag -spare 50rd low-cap mag -spare G&P 100rd mid-cap mag -speedloader -8.4v 1300mAh nimh battery -smart charger -lube -5000 bb's -goggles OR -TM G36C with a standard mag -King Arms H&K Pro Silencer ( 120mm ) -spare 50rd low-cap mag -spare G&P 130rd mid-cap mag other items the same as mp5. But I got a problem. I don't know if any websites are good or not. So far I'm looking at the packages from DENtrinity. but I know that poweredge would be good too. Has anyone ever ordered from DENtrinity? Then please tell me how good they are in shipping and packaging. Or suggest me some other websites please. Thank you!
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