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  1. Test the batts first. Maybe try another one to troubleshoot. It wouldn't be a surprise if those cells are shot.
  2. For out of the box the KWA's did me well, but that was a number of years ago.
  3. I've had luck with the following parts for high rof setups for myself and friends. 13:1 Gears JG Red motor, (I've also used the magnum and g&p 170) AB mosfet (I've had luck with panther) Poly piston with steel teeth A buddy of mine has a G36 with the same setup. Riot SC gears, magnum, panther with his star g36. I think he actually had HS5 put it together some time in 2010. I play regularly with the my same AEG since I put mine together and my buddy's g36 is also still functional. No problems in about 4 years. The only GB maintenance I've had in my AEG was snaking additional grease between the gears with the gb still in the receiver...two years ago. It's a reliable setup IMO.
  4. Put in the old switch assembly and just resolder the joints to the old switch. Report back
  5. Just make sure the A&K has the longer gearbox. If you don't know, take a picture up the mag well and post it on here.
  6. Need a metal body? I'll take a look in my bin of junk and if I have one I'll just send it to you.
  7. Bunch of angry chairosfters here. Hey I can source the same stuff for pennies from alibaba and give it out for free. Who is interested?
  8. Buy a CTW MX-2. It will perform out of the box just great. The only thing really worth upgrading is the motor if the trigger response/rof isn't fast enough for you.
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