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  1. I had mine for 2 and half years so far..... Ca G36c
  2. Ah, good to hear they are improving. I would be worried if they weren't. I don't think SRC is unreliable I just think that it's not one of the top. And I've just been playing counter strike too much and have been really busy with sports.
  3. Well go into the store then talk to me about weird people.
  4. Well this 416 looks really nice but I hope the internals reliable too. Src isn't the highest ranked in internals.
  5. Dang... any suggestions? other then a new gun.... which would be nice
  6. In the past two weeks Ive been slaving over my gearbox and still can't figure whats wrong. I was trying to get a stock CA gearbox V3 to use a 350 fps spring to work. But when I put the stock spring back in because the other failed, it didn't work. I tried many things and still no luck. I was just wondering is there a company that makes fully built gearboxes?
  7. When you rewired the gun, did you just pull the wires to the back and then drilled a hole?
  8. just by the way there is a spelling error in the description on Redwolf.
  9. I Love these to DEATH! Finally
  10. Sand and paint I guess.... Wow looks good, post when you finish it.
  11. hey looks like some crazy fun! but with all those pic's how much did you get to play?
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