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  1. Did guarder fix their polycarb piston heads? The last I heard they were cracking after 700 shots.
  2. If its a mauri why bother it has great compression as it is. You could buy a bore up set. That will give you a boost of 10 to 20 fps. And allow you to use a longer barrel if you want. And with higher powered springs. Like m130 and up you will get even more fps from the bore up. Depending on how much fps you want depends on what you should do. Heres what I recomend 380 fps and below Metal bushings M100 or sp110 spring And a new battery Tightbore 400 fps+ Metal bushings New gears New piston/ piston head tightbore hard type hopup bucking m120 spring or higher New battery New spring guide
  3. Always fire it once on semi just so the spring isnt left compressed. That could cause all kinds of problems. you will notice your fps dropping if you leave the spring compressed.
  4. I wouldnt buy classic army wiring. Can you find tm or guarder. Classic army is silicon coated wire which is crap it Will get shorts really easly. But that is what you need.
  5. So where did you hit the wire? is it in the section where the fuse is or right after that? If its the section where the fuse is you can buy a replacement one for maybe 10 dollars. If its after that your going to have to buy new wiring for your gun. Or rewire which wouldnt be too hard.
  6. So im thinking my next gun will be an M249. Does anyone in here own eather the classic army or the star. I hear the classic army has a heavyer body since its all metal. But thats not a problem for me. Its probably a good thing that way people wont beg me to use it I hate it when they do that. But I heard the that the ca has wiring problems. I havent really heard much at all about the star except for it has a plastic gearbox which is soposed to be strong. And its easy to swap springs out. Its also alot lighter then the ca.
  7. Dry firing is bad. Ok so with a bb in the chamber the piston has some resistance and doesnt hit the cylinder head as hard as it would with no bb in it. And I have no idea what the white flaky stuff could be I don't have too much experience with echo 1s I havent even taken one apart. I prefer to own and work on tms/cas. Take your gun apart Pull the inner barrel/ hopup out. Turn the hopup off all the way. Take your unjamming rod and try and clean all the white stuff out of your barrel. Then spray slilicone spray down the barrel put a new cloth on the unjamming rod and do that till theres no white stuff left. Then lube it once more and put it back togather. Waste a mag or 2 till the silicone stops making your shots go all over and your set.
  8. Did you have any jamming problems with the tm.25s? Tm bbs are smaller then normal. If I remember right they are 5.92 and most other bbs are 5.96-5.98. First try lubing and cleaning your barrel. If that doesnt work check your hopup bucking and see if its damaged.
  9. I run a 9.6 2000 mah intellect. I try to airsoft about 2 to 3 times a month just about every weekend. That motor has probably had 100,000 or more shots through it. I didnt know guarder made motors. They make good motor pinion gears. So do they make torque up motors? or should I just stick with systema. I think ill go systema super torque up with a guarder pinion gear. And then throw in a new guarder piston too. Its wierd I have tryed this with 3 different springs. The stock spring from my p90, A pdi 190% which was in there before, And a guarder sp 110. It wont push the pdi or guarder. But with stock spring its fine although the rof is slower.
  10. Well pistons are cheap so why not buy a new one when I get a new motor.
  11. I didnt put any new parts in it worked fine a while ago. I checked everything my shimming 3 times accualy. The gears will spin great with out a spring in the gearbox. But with the spring it will get like a half spin and lock up. The motor I have in there is a systema torque up thats about 3 years old. My only theory on how to fix this is the motor doesnt have enough torque to pull the spring. Heres everything in my aug incase anyone needed to know. Systema torque up motor Systema metal bushings Systema shims Systema duracon piston head Area 1000 brass spring guide Guarder gears Guarder polycarb piston ( I did swap out the aluminum one I had in there for this) Prometheus air nozzle Km 550mm tightbore Systema hop bucking pdi 190% spring I do have a couple aeg stock springs I could put in but they have that little hook thing on them. Im sure I could cut that off. So ill probably go try that right now.
  12. The p90 is a close to mid range gun my p90 is upgraded to about 360 fps. I remember one game I took out a friend of mine at about 140 150 feet. I aimed above him alot but it managed to hit him 3 times in the forehead at that range. I love my p90 its small enough to be used as a sidearm but accurate enough to be a primary. Theres only one downside The mags are awkward to carry And wont fit in any tac vest. In the 80 to 100 feet range you should be able to hit just about anything.
  13. sounds to me like your motor isnt strong enough to pull that spring. You might need a 9.6 volt battery try that before getting a new motor. Version 2 gearboxes are kinda hard to work on. I prefer 3s they are easyer. When you say your tappet plate wont move can you push the airnozzle and it will move back or not move at all? if it wont move you have a problem try taking it apart again and re align everything something might have moved when you were closing it.
  14. My dmr aug was accualy pretty cheap. Most of the parts I got for like 10 dollars when a shop went out of business Heres whats in mine: Systema hop bucking 5$ Systema duracon piston head 20$ guarder infinite torque up gears 50$ Km 509 mm tightbore 60 Thats everything I bought so 135$ Free well basicly free Systema metal bushings Area 1000 ver 3 brass spring guide Systema shims Black almumnum piston not sure the brand Guarder teflon cylinder head for m16 Bearing from unknown piston Pdi 190 or 210% spring not sure 3x9x40 adjustable zoom scope (traded my hk 33 for it) that gun was pretty ghetto rigged the front reciever was epoxyed on I got it free because someone couldnt fix it. It shoots in the 450 fps range im hoping to get 470 after a new bore up set Did you already order the laylax barrel? they are pretty much just prometheus barrels. I would go with a km barrel or a db customs 6.01
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