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  1. Theres a couple problems with gunner airsoft. Their service is horribe, shipping is about 70 bucks, and you have to wait for him to bill you on paypal which takes about a week.
  2. I'm selling a Tokyo Marui AK-47 beta spetznaz that right now is in non-working condition. It has been upgraded with steel bushings and an m120 spring. The gun is about 4 months old and only used for target shooting. It was working perfectly when I was going out to use it. I plugged the battery in and pulled the trigger and nothing happened. I just don’t want to bother with it anymore. Top is a little loose. Sorry for the blurry close up. Gun comes with 5 hicaps 1 "shorty" 200 round hicap, 4 600 round hicaps and one 9.6v 3300 mAh battery. Price: $150+shipping Can include original box and manuals. Any questions shoot me a pm.
  3. Hey monkey is your fillstation still if for sale if so would you be willing to part it from the tanks?
  4. Hahaha just what I pictured you in :D
  5. Look out here comes some bashing.
  6. Ill give that a shot when I get home from school tomorow thanks for the help KrYpTiK.
  7. Hey guys a yesterday I was putting in a new spring for my ß-Spetznaz AK47 but when I put it back together nothing happened when I pulled the trigger. So when I opened it back up the spring had came off the trigger and for the life of me I can't fogure out how to put it back on. Any help would be much appreciated. Heres a picture
  8. Hey guys today I'm looking for any size besides star lowcaps ak47 mags. Just let me know if you have any.
  9. Let me know if your willing to sell just the mags.
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