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  1. Quick overview....I had a V2 marui gearbox upgraded and it was tested for over 200 shots and there were no problems. I received the gearbox, installed the grip and motor and it shot fine. I dropped it into a Prime LR300 body kit and now I can't get the motor to turn the box. I swapped a different motor and the same thing happened. I've even swapped grips and still nothing. It either is too loose and spins freely, or its too tight and binds up. Any ideas? Both times I used the same motor plate, could that cause the problem?
  2. I should've clarified.....I bought the new piston because I thought I had cut too much off of the original piston. Before I installed the new one, I shaved off the old piston completely just to see what gain I would get. I'm happy with the fps, but the accuracy is downright terrible, so I need to buy heaver bb's (the TM .30's don't cut it anymore). If the accuracy still isnt that reliable with heavier bb's, I'll go to the new piston and only shave it a little bit.
  3. For those of you that don't remember, I had shaved off the airbrake on my piston and was getting very low fps results and the accuracy was down right horrible. I had left about 1/8" of the brake on the piston. when chrono'd, it shot 360fps with a .30 bb, 190 spring and 6.01 tightbore. I purchased a new piston and disassembled the rifle. Before trying the piston airbrake mod again (I was going to leave more of the brake) I completely shaved off the brake so the piston head was flat. With the same set up it shot 485fps with the .30 bb. So that 1/8" gave me 125fps. I was unable to check the accuracy because we were chronoing at night for the game the next morning. I was then forced to chrono with a .20 bb because that's what the field used to determine max fps, which for them was 500fps with a .20 bb for a bolt action rifle. With the .20 bb it shot 605fps. All I need to do know is run some accuracy tests, which I'm sure will not be that good because the .30 bb seems too light now, so I'm going to have to run a heavier bb.
  4. Being that I botched my last piston by cutting too much off, I ordered a new one and it finally arrived. This one I'll only shorten a little bit. I'll let you know the results when I'm done.
  5. I cut most of my airbrake off of the piston and I'm not too pleased with the preliminary results. My setup is a 190 spring with a 6.01 tb (among other things, too) and after the piston mod my accuracy is absolutely horrendous. However, I think I know what it is. When I cut the brake I was in a rush and didn't completely round it back out, so I'm wondering if thats causing my shots to spin wildly out of control. A little bit of good news is that it drastically increased my fps (I wasn't able to chrono, but prior to the cut brake it was 360fps and now its wayyyyyyy higher).
  6. Ok, I cut the air brake down substantially (hope it wasn't too much) and I'm going to drill open the stock cylinder tonight to get the stock o-ring. I have a game on Saturday (Op: Arctic Blast in NJ if anyone is interested, so far about 130 people are registered) so I'll see what the chrono results are.
  7. Hey all, I finally was able to chrono my gun and the results were not that great. I have the VSR-10 Pro with the following upgrades: Zero Trigger, Teflon Cylinder, 6.01 555mm Dees Custom barrel and a 170 spring. The spring should put me around 500+fps however I was only able to get 360fps with the TM .30g bb's. Any ideas to why its so low? I've heard people mention they had to shave the air brake on the piston, is that my problem? Is it too long, thereby cutting off the full flow of air? I'm pretty sure I'm losing compression, but not sure where. Any help would be appreciated. DRB
  8. Hi guys, My AICS just arrived and I'm trying to figure out the PCS. When I remove the bolt, is it the screw looking thing that looks to be going into the nozzle? Also, is there any difference performance wise between the round cut hopup hole as opposed to the square? Thanks!
  9. The reason I posted this info was because there's not much out there about these barrels, at least that I could find. This weekend I plan on doing groupings with it at 100, 125 and 150. So far I can without a doubt say that the accuracy and range improved. Take that for what its worth. The gun is stock with the only mod the new barrel. The gun is supposed to shoot at 295fps (I don't have a chrono, this weekend at my game there will be one).
  10. The accuracy and range are definitely better with the TK barrel. What I'd like to do is compare the TK barrel to a smooth tightbore. The TK barrel I installed is 25mm longer than the stock T89 barrel.
  11. I put a Tanio Koba Twist barrel into my stock TM Type 89 and fired it this morning. I was firing at exactly 100' and my first shots (with the hop up off) would travel about 90' and curved to the left noticeably. After adjusting the hop up my shots were dead on at 100' so I shot further. At 125' the shots were still very accurate. Once I got to 150' the bb's would sail and its not reliable enough to engage from that distance. Overall I'm very pleased with the barrel and would recommend it to anyone. The only drawback is that your gun must be under 330fps for the TK barrel to work properly. In case you're curious, I bought the barrel from poweredgeusa.com and used the AK length one (I have to modify the flash hider slightly to get it back on).
  12. Becareful with Redwolf Custom guns. Everyone I know that's bought one has had problems with them and have had hard times trying to return them.
  13. I emailed evike.com a few days ago asking if they had the older models in stock. They replied and said they only have the new models. I then checked uncompany.com and they told me that they had the old ones in stock. After placing the order, they notified me that they only have the new ones so I had to cancel the order.
  14. Price Drop!!! The gun is for sale for 240 shipped!!! The only difference is the tightbore is no longer included. It still comes with the bipod, battery, mag, box and paperwork. PM me if you have any questions!
  15. thanks for the info, I'll pass on uncomp then
  16. well, I've done upgrades to v2 and v3 gearboxes, but I'm a little nervous about opening up the new v8 box. so far uncompany is the only place I've found that will upgrade the gun.
  17. Does anyone have experience with Uncompany performing upgrades? I've been toying with getting a Type 89 and they offer an upgrade to 350fps with a spring, metal bushings, and piston head. Should I go for it, or just keep the gun stock and try to do it myself over time?
  18. I'm not sure why my posts keep disappearing, but the gun is sold and has been shipped out.....thanks for your interest :)
  19. I know about the nub, and it lined it up prior to inserting the barrel....the problem I'm having is I'm not how far to push the barrel into the bucking.
  20. I installed a systema hopup unit and prometheus bucking and now the bb's are jamming (maybe 1 of every 5 shots). My question is this: when installing the bucking, just how far is it supposed to go onto the barrel? what I mean is, the end of the bucking is flared in, so it seems like it'd get in the way of a bb trying to enter the barrel. However, if I push the bucking all the way onto the barrel it looks wrong because then its distorted where the flare is. Also, if you have any other idea's why its jamming let me know. The bb's I use are .25g airsoft elite and have never had jamming issues before.
  21. My plan was to turn this into a DMR however due to monetary constraints I need to sell it. For sale is a Classic Army M15A4 Rifle that was upgraded by trinityairsoft.com (Kevin) with a Systema M120S spring. I've put no more than 1,500 rounds through it and it is in excellent condition. The only sign of usage is a scratch on the right side of the receiver that happened when I skirmished with the gun (scratch visible in pic). Also included is a 9.6v Nimh 3000 mah battery (large size, fits in stock easily), a brand new Prometheus Tightbore 509mm that is still in the package and unopened, a Classic Army bipod and a High Capacity CA Mag (300rds). The gun will be shipped with the original box with all the paperwork and the cleaning rod also. All of these items together cost me about $450.00 without including shipping, and I'm selling all of this for $390.00 shipped. I prefer paypal or a Postal Money Order. Any questions, please PM me and I'll get back to you ASAP.
  22. Are these barrels affected by bb weight? Meaning that if my gun shoots at 360fps with .20's and I were to use .25's, dropping my fps down below 330, would the barrel be just as effective if I was shooting .20's at 330 fps?
  23. I'd love to see the results when you're done testing!
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