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  1. Mind explaining those basic principles? Ballistic coefficients and Bernoulli's Principle isn't what I would think of as basic, but I guess that depends on your perspective. So please, enlighten me.
  2. You've pretty much nailed it for the most part. When the volume of the barrel exceeds the volume of the cylinder, you will get vacuumed. At that point, the BB is not accelerating. For all intents and purposes, that would be or almost be the turning point in which you can no longer gain any advantage from a longer barrel (although it is possible that air remains compressed between the BB and the cylinder momentarily). The smaller the cylinder, the smaller the barrel you can use while still achieving "optimal" performance at optimal efficiency. This only applies to AEG's though. A gun using pre compressed air will have different rules. Guns using pre compressed gas can operate at much higher pressures than an AEG can produce. This does not always translate into more power, but it will mean that it takes longer for the highly compressed air to fully expand to atmospheric conditions.
  3. Propane is stored at 140 ish PSI, while Co2 is stored at 800 PSI, so you do have a point. You would get more shots from the same volume of Co2. Unless you are technically savvy, just go with propane, it's the cheapest and easiest to use. If you are technically inclined, go a head and go with bulk Co2 or compressed air.
  4. No, Its much more simple than that. I'll get up a simple drawing in a little bit. I'm basically going to use one of these: instead of a gearbox. A "piston" would just attach right to the rod. When you pull the trigger, gas would cause the ram/piston to extend, compressing air and launching the BB. Letting go would vent the gas, and send air into the opposite direction. The trigger would either be a basic push valve, or an electronic valve, which could allow full auto, burst, etc.
  5. I meant how much force they output when they are fully compressed. Sorry If I am using the wrong terms. When I said adjusting the poundage, I basically meant how strong would a spring need to be to get 300 FPS, compared to a spring that would allow 400 FPS. I don't know if there is some kind of ratio. Basically, from what you said, I don't think the strength behind the spring is anywhere near as important as I thought. The speed is the main factor.
  6. So I've come up with a relatively simple idea for a gas powered gun. It works almost exactly the same way that an AEG propels BBs, but the gas directly acts on the piston, rather than gears or springs. The problem is that my physics knowledge is rusty, or downright lacking in certain areas. One of the big things I need is the actual Foot/pounds that an AEG spring puts out, and how fast it moves the piston from the back position to the closed position. If anyone has a ratio or chart that I could use, I would be very greatful. Basically, how heavy of a spring you would need to get X Fps, and how X would change when you adjusted the poundage behind the spring. I don't want anything Like "M120=400FPS", or anything like that. It just won't help me, I need to know the poundage, not the brand or airsoft equivalent. I also would like to know how the volume of air in the cylinder affects the FPS. From what I've researched, it should cost around 40$-60$ for the internals. FPS should be adjustable to almost anything. I don't know what kind of body I will fit it into, I really just want to iron out the concept before I start working on the actual gun.
  7. I see what your saying, but I just really doubt that that is the case. I would say that it might have been possible when airsoft was first introduced (and no one knew what they were), but not only were the original guns very underpowered, they were not the first replica guns, just "the most realistic in function". I know that in Japan today, even criminals don't use guns (in general) due to the fact that most people assume they are not real, and not likely a threat. The funny thing is, I am pretty sure airsoft guns weren't even really designed in Japan. (at least in the traditional sense) I could be wrong, but I think airgun companies were using the exact same concept with plastic bb's before Japan began making "real" airsoft guns. I'll have to relook into it, I am pretty shaky on the whole thing.
  8. ROE can't prevent accidents. If we all agreed to not shoot each other in the face, we would still need goggles. Saying that you can just not shoot them at closer range isn't going to eliminate the risk of serious injury when dealing with high powered guns..
  9. Still, shipping both ways is expensive. Whether or not you charge the buyer shipping doesn't change the fact that your price goes up by $15 without you even doing any upgrading yet.
  10. With AEG's, it is not one size fits all. The equation is actually very simple (for AEGs). You just find the volume of the inner barrel, and match it a cylinder of approximately the same volume (Often called bore, as in bore up kits). There really isn't an equation for real rifles. In general, the longer the barrel, the higher the power. You usually would have an obscenely long barrel before you reach that "optimal" point. It's basically the same concept, the bullet expels a higher volume of gas than the volume of the barrel, so it is "wasted" in a sense.
  11. You can't get range without power. You just can't do it. There is a point where no matter how much spin you put on a BB, it just can't go any further without more energy behind it. In other words, the ONLY factors (relative to the gun) in range are Hopup and power. Everything else is irrelevant. The BB doesn't care if it came from an M4, or an M40. Once the BB leaves the barrel, the only thing determining its range (once again, relative to the gun) is power and backspin. The only way you will "reach" 400 feet with conventional power is to arc your shots beyond practicality. You will not get to 400 feet accurately, or even close to 400 feet, without obscene power. There is no such thing as a free lunch when it comes to physics.
  12. This whole debate was whether or not you could get over 300 feet with accuracy. You are NOT going to get much further than 300 feet accurately at a safe velocity/power. I honestly can't figure out what it is your trying to argue. If your gun is shooting at a power capable of reaching 400 feet accurately, I will not play with you. Not because it hurts, not because I'm at a disadvantage, but because your shooting at an obscene power level. I don't care if your trustworthy or not, I don't want to be there the one time in your life you make an error in judging distances.
  13. Personally, I don't think you would make much, if you even do make anything. Shipping guns back and forth is expensive, and most upgrades are relatively easy to do on your own. Personal, I believe you would be better off buying broken guns, fixing them, and reselling them. Now, if you offered some kind of unique or innovative service, things might be different.
  14. I really don't care how well respected anyone says they are, I would not play at a field where someone was allowed to use 800 FPS with .30s, not matter the rules of engagement. It's just plain unsafe.
  15. Yep, my 1500 FPS pellet gun explodes on me all the time, every time. Don't even get me started on real guns. AEG's are made poorly on purpose; I wouldn't doubt 1000 FPS on a "traditional" electric gun that had machined steel and Aluminum internals rather than cast pot metal. AEG's are made poorly to prevent people from reaching higher levels of FPS. Even "Reinforced" gearboxes aren't the greatest quality, but it depends more on what material they are made of.
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