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    Broken ICS mp5 (too lazy to fix it) Fixed slide p99 w/silencer (great pistol) And currently a KJW takdown m700 (big mistake! right now im asking redwolf to take it back for the other one....it has been under 24 when I sent the email)
  1. randalthor

    .43gm Bbs

    Could anyone please tell me where to buy the expensive version of the .43s?
  2. I would go with the m24...Ive heard of some people getting insane results with a little bit of modification.
  3. Sorry it took me so long to respond...(I have not been checking the forums as im no longer into airsoft). I stopped playing because my friends have stopped. I have not actually Cronoed the gun, but it is very accurate and definatly shoots hard.
  4. *shrug* Ill sell you mine....I quite airsoft (I will be putting it up on Ebay for $750) it has a PDI percision barrel, nice scope/ rigs, and a 300m Kings arms scilencer.
  5. What happened to Deecustoms.com???!!!
  6. Alright, so my first intention was to get a deecustoms tightbore, however somthing had occured to me. Upon inspecting the hop up hole in the KM barrel, I noticed that it was circular....however the PDI barrel (made specifically for the AICS) has a square hop up hole...does this make a difference? I don't want to spend $65 more to get the PDI...but if thats what it takes....
  7. also check to make sure your barrel is straight.
  8. Tim I would be most aprecaited if you could make a guide to taking down the mag...and when I take out my bolt next, I will post a pic of the air nozel for you.
  9. what FPS do you think your gun is shooting at?
  10. That is a fantastic way of explaining it...bravo.
  11. By no means have we come to the conclusion that he bought a "power restricted version"....most of us think he has a dud....or is not tuning it properly
  12. okay, so say you have the bolt with the bottom side up, and the handle facing away from you. If you were to go eye level with the bolt, (eyes level with the end that does not have the handle) and skrewed the PCS knob counter clockwise, that will open the bolt...open it half way, then turn it a bit more...shoot...open a bit more...shoot...etc until you see the power drop that means you have gone too far. don't FORGET TO PUT THE SCREW SET BACK IN!!!
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