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  1. umm what exactly is in/on that armalite that makes it cost 600?
  2. bump... I think I would buy that if it was coyote tan
  3. umm free bump... I have a question. What was the outer barrel on that gun. I am having a hard time finding a good 1 piece one that is pretty much straight without all the little groves and what not on normal m4 barrels.
  4. that stock is sweet, but where does your battery go? And what type of outerbarrel is that?
  5. how is this gun (the G&P Sportline) as a base for a project gun?
  6. I'm sorry, I either typed it wrong or you misunderstood. The mechbox is stripped, the screws are fine.
  7. The topic pretty much says it. My gun grip is not very stable as is. What should I do to better attach it besides purchasing a new mechbox and swapping all the crap from the current one into the new one. Thanks.
  8. just to throw this out there... you could pick up a systema challenge kit for like 800 some dollars.
  9. humm idk I could edit the second one immediately afterwards
  10. BUMP I know what length I need now. the question has become which barrel to get. The Guarder M4A1 Commando (Model 933) Steel Outer Barrel (Item# GD-ACC-M1606 ) on wgcshop.com looks the best so far but is almost 100 dollars. I am looking for a strong, solid solution to my crap 2 piece barrel on the stock gun for about 60$. Thanks. P.S. where is the edit button... lol. EDIT: humm lol it's not on the first post but this one has it.
  11. could you provide links.. I couldn't find the items on the site.
  12. I got my TM Sr-16 from redwolf... they GLUED a plastic slab onto the trades which both ripped them off and left some plastic stuck on. Oh well im getting a new body anyways.
  13. I've heard they don't do the best job you can get. IMO purchase some parts you will need and sent it to someone over here in the USA (assuming you live in the usa)
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