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  1. This is gunna seem like an awkward request but im going to go for it anyway since its been here a while. The PDW: Possible part out? Would you be willing to include the stock Gearbox with the ambi selector levers and thats all? (IE keep all of the internals) mainly just looking for externals and the stock gearbox shell with the selector lever setup..
  2. PRICE DROPS!!!! Modify gears $40 shipped Recon backpack $60shipped Rat pack $40 shipped Vest $30 shipped ICS silencer $35 shipped Guarder IFTU set $50 shipped KA m4a1 front set WITH stock barre/hop-up rubber/hop-up unit $65 shipped Complete gearbox $50 shipped G26 w/1 mag $130 shipped Serpa $24 shipped Spare mags $15 shipped each
  3. BUMP cmon guys 450 for a fully tuned PDI VSR is crazy. buy it before I part EVERYTHING out and you ahve to do the work of tuning all over. Other spare parts are listed with their prices above. everything is priced as shipped.
  4. Bump. cmon people $450 shipped for the VSR other parts are priced out
  5. Back from vacation..BUMP, buy this stuff I need it gone asap.
  6. Bump. If the VSR sells before I get back from vacation on the 20th ill throw in a King Arms sling, a bipod, all the mags loaded with KSC .30g ammo and a speed loader also filled with KSC .30g ammo. THere will be responses to PMs while im gone but NOTHING will be broken up any more than they already are.
  7. Parting the package out. Asking $450 shipped for the whole gun with the above upgrades/parts and scope not mounted on the gun in the picture, also includes the 3 magazines. Extra parts included: -outer barrel $30 shipped -reciever w/tm scope mount $35 shipped -2 stock trigger units (one needs new sears, One JG(polisehd) the other TM) $40 shipped for TM, $25 shipped for JG -2 complete hop-up units, 1 hop-up unit shell, one modded for tighter tolerances, $20 shipped for each, (extra shell will be included for the modded one) -2 stock springs and a laylax spring that shoots about 400fps on .25 I believe $20 shipped for all -Ported stock Cylinder head $8 shipped -spare cylinder with bolt handle and cylinder head (stock JG)(accerlation zone cut) $25 shipped -JG scope mount $10 shipped
  8. KA m4a1 is being parted out. Metal body, stock, pistol grip all sold. Whats left: KA m4a1 front end kit(will include stock inner barrel) $80 shipped Complete gearbox $65 shipped Will part out the G26 setup $20 a mag $35 for the 2 G26 w/1 mag $145 Serpa $20 shipped Modify Gears $40 shipped Spec Ops Backpack $70 shipped Rat Pack $30 shipped Vest $30 shipped ICS silencer $35 shipped Guarder IFTU setup $50 shipped
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