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  1. Price drop $335.00 plus shipping
  2. I have a used Tokyo Marui AUG SR that I want to sell. This will be the perfect gun for someone wanting a long barrel in a small package. I have made a few modifications internally but externally it looks stock. So not only would this be a great longer range tool but also a sleeper. I tried to keep the FPS slower between 300-400 fps to keep it safe but do have some extra springs that ill include in the sale if you wanted to push it a little more. I have most all of the package papers for the parts I have installed for your records and so you know what's inside. I've put allot into getting this to be a good setup within reason and have only used it a little. I'm selling it because I've gotten out of airsoft and just don't need it. No parts are broken but I'm sure there is some tweaking room. I haven't tried the different hop up buckings I have so that may be a good spot to start with. The "iron sights" are however missing. I used the rail mounted backwards with an aimpoint so that wasn't an issue for me. The aimpoint is NOT included so some type of sight will have to be added to this by the buyer. I also painted the flashhider with a quick coat of orange again. As for magazines I have three. - (1) 330 rnd TM HiCap - (2) 80 rnd TM magazines. I have two batteries that have been changed to a Deans style connector. - 8.4V 1100mAh NiMH - 9.6V 1400mAh NiMH I had custom made The aftermarket parts I have installed are: - Guarder Polycarbonate Piston - Guarder Super Bearing - Guarder 50 hardness Hopup bucking - Guarder Air Nozzle - Systema Silent Head Set Ver. III - PDI 140% Variable Pitch Spring - Prometheus EG Spring Guide Ver. III - KM Head TN 550 mm Barrel (doesn't go past fake flash hider) - Extra stock port cover (to protect internals) - Deep Fire Feed Nozzle Not Installed: - PDI 150 Spring - Guarder 70 hardness hopup bucking (New in package) - Unknown black hopup bucking - Unknown blue hopup bucking I will also include the stock parts that I have removed for you to use as spares. The factory parts I have are: - Barrel - Piston - Head - Main spring I am asking $350 plus shipping for the gun and parts shown below. My e-mail is: majorm<AT>sc.rr.com Thanks for looking.
  3. I am looking into buying a Western Arms Wilson Combat stealth defense system pistol. Can any of you give me some feedback on whether or not this pistol is any good? Id also be interested in any information on upgrades as well as out of the box performance. Are there any good retailers for WA parts or other companies who make good upgrade parts? If your not familiar with the pistol offhand its the one made by WA that has a officers frame and the barrel has a flange on the end. It looks like a very thin muzzle weight. If you have one you can do without send me a pm with the info. Thanks for any help, Major
  4. The one im looking for needs to have a officers length frame. The commander is the same size as a full size frame as you noted. The pistol im looking for needs to have that officers frame and the 4.25" (or close) barrel (compact slide). I wouldnt be so picky but im going to use it as a training aid for my real one. I saw that one on the for sale forum. It seems I was a little late though. I sent him a pm about 4 hours after it was posted and someone else had already offered more. How it stands if that falls through I may have a chance. Im not really counting on that so I made a WTB post in the sale forums.
  5. I am looking for a Compact 1911 style gas blowback pistol. My first choice would be a Western Arms Wilson Combat Super Grade Compact. That pistol matches the one im trying to obtain an airsoft version of almost exactly except the serrations on the back and top of the slide. My real pistol im trying to copy is a wilson combat cqb compact. Its basically a 4.25" conical barreled slide and a shorter officers frame. If you have anything like that let me know what condition its in, some details about it, send a picture if possable and finally give me your asking price. Price is purely dependant on what you have so id rather not set a range. Thanks, Major
  6. I just looked up the detonics and that one has a shorter grip and barrel from what I can tell. Thanks for keeping an eye out though. As for the shipping ive ordered from a couple of the companies you mentioned and basically what I was getting at was the shipping is high. So the cheapest price isnt always so. None of the companies you mentioned had the one I was looking at in stock so I may need to look into an alternative anyway. I just want the same feel as my real pistol.
  7. I am looking for a pretty good compact 1911 for mainly target shooting here at the house but being able to use it in a game would be nice too. Ive seen the Western Arms compact Professional and that exactly the size I want. My real pistol im trying to get one like is a wilson combat CQB compact. Ive heard mixed reviews on the western arms that mainly say its well built and accurate but doesnt have the range other pistols have (no hopup). So are there any other options out there that would be a good alternative? If I bought one of the western arms would there be some easy changes to make to have it more game worthy? Lastly where are some /THOU SHALT NOT USE MY NAME IN VAIN/ retailers? Most of the places ive looked have ok prices but then shipping is $50-$75 if they are out of the country. Thanks, Major
  8. I am looking for a few people in the Greenville SC area that are into airsoft. I am a member of SCAA but havent had much luck tracking people down. My situation is I work and am finishing up school so my time is limited. What that means is I can meet up maybe once or so a month with everything else going on. My current gun is a TM aug but im looking into another type to use as well. If you live or play in the area I can give you some more info. Also if your into real shooting im up for that as well since thats one of my other hobbies. Let me know, Major
  9. Im thinking about picking up a new airsoft gun but don't want to pay out a whole lot. My situation is I don't play at all right now and want something I can go to games with and compete but wont burn a hole in my wallet. Ive seen the JG 's and they seem to get good reviews but the magazine and parts issue has me curious. Do they use parts that are the same as say CA or TM so ill have some upgrade options down the road? What kind of typical long range accuracy do yall get and with what type sight? I have a TM Aug but want a ar15 type rifle to replicate my real one, and or a m14 since ive always liked that rifle. .223 ammo is getting high so if I can set up one of these cheaper aeg's to feel like that it would be really nice. As of now it has a 16" barrel, collapsable stock, aimpoint but I have a midlength handguard. I havent seen any of the cheaper ones with a midlength handguard and I really didnt want a barrel with the m4 length and profile but I could fix that. I would mainly have that for cqb setup since it wouldnt be of any use to train for longer range shots 75+ yards. im not real familiar with the airsoft m4/m16/ar15 carbines and rifles but can you switch uppers like you can on real one or is it a little more involved than that? The m14 would be more for games since I don't expect to get any real useful training with it. Thanks, Major If anyones in the greenville, sc area send me a pm or e-mail
  10. I just took out the internals and can see a shiny line along the seam so it is glued. I don't see any other clips or anything though.
  11. The only guides I saw that were close to what your talking about was the basic field strip. All it showed was removing the barrel from the front slide out portion and that gives you the three parts. I didnt see anything about the body halfs (left and Right) after the barrel assembly is removed. Thats what I want to take apart but cant get it to seperate.
  12. Thanks for the replies so far. Im looking for disassembly of the two body halfs not just removing the mechbox. The have some screws to hold them together but after removing the screws I think its also glued. Thats why I brought up maybe being able to use heat. As for making it quieter id like to stay away from barrel mounted suppressors because of what you said and the legality issues. Im mainly looking for ideas on foam or other substances I could put in the body of the gun. If any of you have made any other modifications or just want to show a picture of how yours is set up by all means do it. I always like to see what all is out there.
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