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  1. You need that "BEST GUN" HOP block, or spare one from Tanaka Works. You need it for the 2ROY VSR conversion kit. Try to bend the hop screw back using a vice. Put the bent rod straight down into the vice and position it so that, as you close the vice, it bends the metal back. The damaged part of the adjuster in question, looks like you should be able to sort it out. I suggest the previous owner has removed the screw and then stood on it I highly recommend getting the 2ROY kit (or identical King Arms or PAX) if you want to make this rifle shoot to its full potential. Use a NINEBALL VSR10 (purple) hop rubber and a 555mm length barrel of your choice (EDGI, PDI, LAYLAX, DBC) and bore of your choice. Good Hunting ;)
  2. 1. You need to buy a VSR10 inner barrel of your choice, with a 554/555mm length. I recommend the PDI 6.05mm 554mm. The VSR conversion comes with an endcap that allows the 554/555mm barrels to be supprted at the muzzle end, despite being shorter than the tanaka cut m40a1 inner barrel. 2. Yes. Once you fit the new nozzle (provided with the conversion) your existing PCS bolt will work fine. Good Hunting ;)
  3. Agreed. Excellent work on a specialised Airsoft topic, with very little technical information currently on the net. Keep it up. Good Job. Good Hunting
  4. it says "Based on the KJ M700." if you read the description. That is why it has the prometheus barrel fitted (you can't fit one in the Tanaka without the King Arms kit.). Personally, I would not buy it (as I used to have a KJW M700P V1) and it was not a patch on my Tanaka rifle. Good Hunting
  5. I'm pretty sure the King ARMS hop unit, is for tanaka rifles and won't fit the KJW copies (like that rifle). Good Hunting
  6. Fit a new nozzle. Tanaka Manufacture bolt parts to replace the restriction like here. Good Hunting
  7. In Japan, an old lady was killed by a high powered digicon handgun. New laws were passed banning all Airsoft guns from being capable of higher than 328fps. Therefore Tanaka Works had to take the PCS feature off their gas rifles bolts and restrict the nozzle. Export nozzles have now been introduced to go onto models leaving Japan. You have to buy a PCS model second hand, or find a rare one still in stock since 2006. Good Hunting
  8. I hope you have a good experience with Tanaka rifles. The AICS has a shorter inner barrel than the m700P (I don't have time to look it up for you), but once you fit the HOP UP conversion kit, it takes a 554/5mm barrel. I recommend the 6.05mm for a good compromise of value for money, tolerence and performance. You could read THIS for info about some of the parts. I don't think you have to "max out" this rifle to see awesome performance. My own runs sweet as a nut to hit small targets at 200 feet and larger targets out to past 250ft although 0.29g SGM do reach their limits past there due to their weight. Good Hunting
  9. So, ho did it shoot on your outing? Is the modified hop block giving you good results? Good Hunting
  10. Yes it will fit, but I thought you were talking about a prometheus AEG barrel, not a PSS10 VSR10 barrel. I know they are the same brand really (same as FIRST FACTORY), but you are better off qouting the range it is from. Good Hunting
  11. I have not compared both aftermarket hop up systems. I know people who upgraded several tanaka rifles with BG hops, but in the end; said they couldn't get it to shoot like a VSR. My tanaka with VSR parts in shoots like a nail driver. I suggest the extra money is worth it. Good Hunting
  12. It won't work in the tanaka K98 series. Personally, I would get a VSR barrel rather than the prometheus AEG barrel. Good Hunting
  13. Hey, thanks, but I don't know everything about this rifle. Just what I have learnt so far. Other people here know other parts and setups that I have no experience with, so don't discount anyone's opinion. My advice is to simply buy the same parts that I have and your rifle will suddenly be a nail driver compared to the original hop system and barrel. I don't feel I need any extra "upgrades" as it is consistant and accurate, combined with excellent range . Eventually the impact plates will wear on the magazines and I will either buy new mags or consider getting a set of upgrades for them (powerpack). You need to fit a new 555mm VSR barrel (prometheus AEG barrels can fit instead), hop conversion kit (PAX, 2ROY or King Arms) and nineball hop rubber... all at the same time. You may need to order them from several suppliers due to availabilty. I have the 554mm PDI 6.05mm barrel and I am not saying it is the best, as I have not compared it to any other barrel. However, it's accuracy is certainly good enough for me. You could all manner of different barrels instead, but I fancied the PDI due to its high tolerence and cheap price combined with good availability at the time I purchased (many brands were out fo stock at major suppliers). In winter, here in the UK it is certainly not warm, but it does OK in the winter as long as you don't rapid fire. It just gets far less shots from a fill of gas (1 mag only instead of 3-4 in hot conditions). I would still use it as long as it is not down to just above freezing. If it gets colder, you can look at heating the mags with a handwarmer if you really want to field it in those conditions. Good Hunting
  14. Its a taiwanese kit, only for Tanaka M700 or K98 series gas rifles. You have to file the hop cut in the barrel larger and fit the hop rubber (which requires trimming). In my opinion, its not that good and letas you convert to something more like a simple AEG hop. Buy the VSR conversion (for tanaka rifles) instead, as the performance on my own rifle is consistant and accurate. I don't have a link to the product, but this is how yopu fit it... CLICK Neither of these fit the CA M24 btw. Good Hunting
  15. The 2ROY, PAX or KING ARMS conversion kits are all identical. They convert the HOP chamber to accept VSR10 parts. You need a VSR hop rubber (I recommend NINEBALL) and a 554/5mm VSR barrel of your choice. These parts greatly effect accuracy and the rifle shoots like a nail driver. However, the POWER BOLT won't accept the conversion kit's nozzle. The nozzle pushes the BB further into the chamber for better seating and also increases the flow of gas to unrestricted levels. So great if you had the post ban rifle. Good Hunting ;)
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