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  1. afidie

    Airsoft Malaysia

    AIRSOFT USED ITEM TOY FOR SALE for this new year 2013!!!! ITEM 1: AEG Tokyo Marui M4A1 Carbine. 290 fps (Japan spec) Hi Cap magazine (300++ BB) Barrel: Metal made Upper and lower receiver: ABS made (high quality) Used item but 99% perfect condition! New battery! 'US Military' COLT marked. Price: RM950.00 ONLY !!! ITEM 2: GBB Tokyo Marui BARETTA M9 US ARMY 350 fps (Japan spec) All parts are made of ABS (high quality) 'US Military' marked. Price: RM650.00 ONLY !!! CASH ON DELIVERY! :) Now, BOTH items sell at shockingly RM1500.00!!! (Saved Rm100.00) Not only that, a free 0.25g BB is for you!!!! Pls PM... p/s My mint gas blow back M9 and M4A1 for sale. Been boxed for most of it's life. I've been a collector in the past so it's not had any real use hence it's mint condition.Never used for skirmish. all perfect. I don't have the original box.
  2. afidie

    Airsoft Malaysia

    Hi, I've PM all friends above, but not sure whether y'll receive it, as I can't see anything in my 'sent' box.. is the PM tool working fine? interested in toy? PM me....
  3. afidie

    Airsoft Malaysia

    (1) I have: 1 used Tokyo Marui Glock G18 (semi auto and full auto), made in Japan. Battery powered. ABS made. . PM if interested. In good condition. - Shah Alam - RM580.00 (2) 1 used Tokyo Marui M4A1 made in Japan. never used for skirmish. Battery powered, ABS made and metal barrel. In good condition. - RM950.00 Shah Alam PM me...