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  1. AIRSOFT USED ITEM TOY FOR SALE for this new year 2013!!!! ITEM 1: AEG Tokyo Marui M4A1 Carbine. 290 fps (Japan spec) Hi Cap magazine (300++ BB) Barrel: Metal made Upper and lower receiver: ABS made (high quality) Used item but 99% perfect condition! New battery! 'US Military' COLT marked. Price: RM950.00 ONLY !!! ITEM 2: GBB Tokyo Marui BARETTA M9 US ARMY 350 fps (Japan spec) All parts are made of ABS (high quality) 'US Military' marked. Price: RM650.00 ONLY !!! CASH ON DELIVERY! :) Now, BOTH items sell at shockingly RM1500.00!!! (Saved Rm100.00) Not only that, a free 0.25g BB is for you!!!! Pls PM... p/s My mint gas blow back M9 and M4A1 for sale. Been boxed for most of it's life. I've been a collector in the past so it's not had any real use hence it's mint condition.Never used for skirmish. all perfect. I don't have the original box.
  2. Hi, I've PM all friends above, but not sure whether y'll receive it, as I can't see anything in my 'sent' box.. is the PM tool working fine? interested in toy? PM me....
  3. (1) I have: 1 used Tokyo Marui Glock G18 (semi auto and full auto), made in Japan. Battery powered. ABS made. . PM if interested. In good condition. - Shah Alam - RM580.00 (2) 1 used Tokyo Marui M4A1 made in Japan. never used for skirmish. Battery powered, ABS made and metal barrel. In good condition. - RM950.00 Shah Alam PM me...
  4. Hi, Good points! http://afidie.com/blog/2008/04/22/airsoftaholics-anonymous/
  5. Well, no, I'm from Malaysia, but always go down to Jakarta on biz trip. There are many airsofter there in Jakarta and I met a few of them. I'm sure you are one of them.... ;)
  6. OK, thanks for the info. I just bought the airsoft extreme magazine issue #4, nice contents! will download soon...
  7. Hi, not sure whether you still active in this forum...but yes, I've been to Jakarta and met with few airsofter there..they are good, of course... the indonesian war junkies site is also awesome! sadly airsoft is not legal in Malaysia yet.....
  8. Hi Airsofter... It's nice to have airsoft in Philipines... I'll be flying to Manila next week for few days, just wonder whether I can find any airsoft shops somehere near my hotel? I'll be staying at: Makati Shangri-La, Manila. Ayala Avenue corner Makati Avenue, Makati City 1200, Philippines Hope you have some shops in walking distance from this hotel... //chauffeur
  9. Could not agree more...It's not cheap, for sure....but airsoft itself is not a cheap hobby though.... hehe...
  10. Hi, I'm not Indonesian, but I got to give them a credit for setting up this thing... THEY ARE JUST BRILLIANT! This really make me so jealous about them, and IT will DEFINITELY MAKE YOU GUYS JEALOUS AS WELL!!! See what happened when you not banned airsoft and they can go very far!!! Just click here and see what I meant!! http://www.warjunkies.net/
  11. THESE MAP IS SO COOL!!! I wish they have it for diff countries as welll!!!!! //Afidie I GOT THE MONEY! http://afidie.com/blog/?p=121
  12. afidie

    Shoot Without Bb?

    Yes, I'm having AEG Marui M4A1. seems that there's a mix of opinions in here about good or bad. But I kinda agree that dry firing should not damage the gun, but I can't explain technically. Both who support and against the idea above do have a valid point.... One thing for sure, the BB manufacturer won't allow dry firing, for obvious reason!
  13. afidie

    Shoot Without Bb?

    Hi Airsofter, Would shooting the weapon without BB damage your gun? Sometimes we just want to demo to new friends in room as we couldn't go out and try.... Will it damage the mechanical part of your gun? I'm appreciate your advice...
  14. afidie

    Airsoft In Malaysia

    Opps! Sorry, yes, it was a mistake. I'm newbie here and I tried to attached the pics w/out realizing that I'm at the wrong section. Hope moderator could move it to that section (I've created a new one in 'outside US section), but couldn't attached the pics :( Hope the next reply would be there, not here. Pls click here... http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/index.php?showtopic=51491 yeah, feel relief, almost got caught at the airport. sigh... yes, you're almost right. It's a M4A1 Tokyo Marui. How do you know? I thought all M4A1 produced by diff airsoft manufacturer looks the same, right? but Marui is the best in term of quality, as I was told... If you want to response, pls click here as this is a wrong section ;) http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/index.php?showtopic=51491
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