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  1. Actually not really, AKM's are not used any more. Its mostly as you said AK74 variants and AK100 series. Then again this is coming from the guy using an AK47 for a russian loadout.
  2. Im pretty sure they wont sell. Im pretty much 100 percent sure they wont outsell JG.
  3. They'll compare, although the MP5 will have more power. Nevertheless the AK-74 will be more accurate.
  4. I did research, but as I said earlier, I was looking at the way they performed against each other. thanks anyway.
  5. It wont dampen the sound if you put an inner barrel through it... As for me its to cover inner barrel.
  6. Thank you for that, I had actually read most of those reviews. Oh and btw that last review of the AUG is for BE. I was actually most interested what would happen when they went against each other.
  7. Heres the story, both of my friends will be getting the CM 0.31 and CM 0.35 and I have my mind set on the JG AUG civi. First of all I'd like to know information for JG AUG owners, effective range, acuracy, FPS. Does it have any notable Internal or external problems with it? As for the CM 0.31 and 0.35 I would also like to know the problems they suffer from (if any) for my friends sake. Also how do they perform, as with the AUG Accuracy, range and FPS are appreciated. Lastly in woodland combat, which rifle would have the best chance. Thank you very much.
  8. Try having some machine gun points, some bunkers that can without too much problems be flanked and attacked, and if youre really rich, with intergrated M249's. Slightly hidden vents are definitly in my top ideas. Imagine crawling with a small elite team behind enemy lines. Try having catwalks from small tower ouposts all oer the place. Death from above. Also, someone mentioned it but im gonna remention it, definitly have some walls that you can move around. Not necessarely all of them, but scenarios are endless if you do. Also moving doors are a no-no, way too dangerous. Having doors bashed into youre gun and body is bound to go wrong.
  9. Tbh with you guys this forum is a complete and utter mess. Having requests and discussion in the same forum is just plain stupid. People requesting graphics saying things like: " I like a sig wit Black hawk down in it, thanks." is just disrespectfull to the people that take some time to make graphics. I mean what do you want in the pic? some text? Any particular picture? Cause sure I could take some random pic of BHD and do something with it. But then il have 80% chance of him not liking it. I visit other forums regurlarly that have GFX sections and there are actually rules, theres a format to use to help the GFX'er do what they do for other people. Tbh I think this forum is too small, has too few artists and too much boons to warrant a GFX forum. Ps: Also, anyone who complains because their request was not fulfilled can go stick their request up their asses because if the Gfx'er don't want to do it, what you gonna do?
  10. The Fact is METAL BODIES don't do much anyway. Im pretty sure a standard ABS TM body would stand more abuse than a ICS or CA body anyway.
  11. I live in Europe. So echo1 is a no-no. Thats why Jg was the first choice. Any other guns to consider? Mainly in JG.
  12. I see, well to be completly honest I don't want to deal with those problems. Asking again, would a JG be a better choice? I was looking at the JG Aug military.
  13. Crap; im getting it a gunner for 99.50 but its more expensive than most JG, you think its better to get a JG? Any recommandations? what exactly is it that unsatifies you though?
  14. It came out nice, but imo you've messed it up by going the grunge and render way. So from the eyes of someone knowing graphics, its not great.
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