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  1. I don't mind shipping usps priority for you. I replied to your pm These should be a good fit for you on the length.
  2. Ok guys, 2 more things for sale. Prices not set in stone, I will take offers. NO TRADES USMC Woodland MARPATs. They are the official issued pants, directly from the supplier. These have the Insect Repellent in them as well THEY ARE BRAND NEW, never been worn. Waist: Large Length: XL Price: 50 Shipped CamelBak HAWG 3l reservoir Used 3 games. Price: 75 Shipped
  3. Bump Moving to Utah price reduction. MC belt 65 Shipped Motor SOLD Tightbore 40 SOLD. PPA Suppressor 40 Shipped. Pistol SOLD
  4. no trades, sorry. BUMP. Price Reduction. MC belt 70 Shipped Motor 70 Shipped Tightbore 45 Shipped. Pistol SOLD
  5. Hey Folks, thinning out some gear here. First up is the Blackwater I\O belt in Multicam. This belt is NOT available anymore in Multicam!!! Included are HSGI suspenders (Note, Pouches are NOT included.) Price $75 Shipped Next up Systema Magnum Motor (Long) Has less than 1000 Rounds through it. $75 Shipped Third is a Private Parts Airsoft (PPA) QD Suppressor $50 Shipped Fourth Promethius 590mm Tightbore barrel. less than 1000 Rounds through it. Price: $50 Shipped Added. WA 1911 SWC2 This Pistol has seen some use. Still fires Great. Both Mags have 0 Leaks and perform well. Price: $120 Shipped
  6. Bump 650 Shipped + 5 KA VN Mags
  7. ok, GREAT Idea!!! BUT!! what is the cut-off on dead Threads? 2 days? I think it should be at least 4 to 5 days. Give the thread time for exposure. Heck, I was gone on a business trip, and come back to see my thread, which is barely 5 days old, in the Archive. I came back to update the price and give it a good ole bump....
  8. Hey Guys. FEAR is For Sale Started as a kwa m4. She is now a Fully Built DMR Rifle. KWA metal Body KWA Gear Box CA Full Stock King Arms MK12 Free Float ris + Barrel King Arms SPR Suppressor 4-12x Zoom Scope with High Rise Rings Magpull Grip Internals: Promethius Triple Torque up gears Supercore Piston modify ball bearing spring guide Guarder sp160 Guarder boreup kit Promethies Tightbore Barrel 595mm Systema Magnum Motor This gun shoots AMAZING. Just ask anyone that plays on MSA. This gun was fully custom built by Nashville Airsoft. Asking Price $700 Shipped This price is NOT firm. If you have an offer, please PM me. NO TRADES NO TRADES NO TRADES NO TRADES
  9. Nice paraphernalia ya got there. other than that. nice paint job :-)
  10. Ok Guys, im selling my prized possession. ((the EOTECH and Light/Mount are not included)) Tan VFC SCAR-L Includes: Guarder Tightbore Barrell (Extends into the suppressor) PPA Suppressor + Flash hider Deans Connector Hard Carry Case KA Vert Drop Grip VFC Highcap Magazine Note *** The left selector switch is now MIA. This part can be obtained via NA <AT> 30 bucks. It includes both left and right thumb switches. Price: 375 + Shipping. This Gun, BRAND new, BONE STOCK is 420.
  11. incorrect. these are made by STAR and suck horribly
  12. Updating this old thread. for those in Mississippi. Check out, if you already have not. http://www.MississippiAirsoft.com
  13. don't you think this is a better question to ask "her"? we don't know her, we cant assume to know if she will like airsoft.
  14. I have money ready to send. but you will have to take paypal or some other means of money so that I, the buyer, am protected. I want the VFC Scar H for 200 shipped. Before, I want pictures, with a piece of papers, stating the days date, your screenname on ASF and a PM in my inbox with your contact info. sorry for wanting so much, 200 dollars for a SCAR-H is one of those "to good to be true" deals. I know there are pics from august, but I would like some from this current month of December. Thanks Doc
  15. the Magpul PTS Magazines are manufactured by STAR. and yes, im a NREMT-B in the state of Mississippi
  16. Welllll then I take that back :-) my OP edited.
  17. I have the 20 rounders. Out of a box of 10, I only have 4 working ones now. The spring guide is stuck somewhere inside the magazine and does not feed the bbs up. my opinion is to stay away from these. They are made by STAR which are plagued by problems. stick with MAG and other better brands.
  18. You should be thanking the powers above that you did not burn your entire house down. I would recommend unplugging it when its not in use... if you already didnt do that. Doc
  19. My m16 mk12 started as a KWA M4 Internal Promethius Triple Torque up gears Supercore Piston Guarder M16 Boreup Kit Systema Magnum Motor Guarder SP160 Spring Modify Ballbearing spring guide External King Arms mk12 Kit with SPR Suppressor M16 Full Stock
  20. yes. mod 1 also, as listed on camelbak's site. it does not come in coyote. show me a link where it is in coyote.
  21. ya well.. the camelbak hawg dosnt come in normal green :-( just foliage. im going to dust it with some spray paint
  22. as do I :-) durn squids :-)
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