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    KJW - M9 Vertec, P229, 1911 Gov CA - M15A4 proline, M15A4 sportline 2x custom built M4s 2x UTG MP5s Echo1 G3, TM MP5SD5, UTG M324 TM G18C, TM MEU, TM P226, TM Desert Warrior WE MEU, WA MARSOC
  1. I had an original KWA as well and while I love the gun I eventually got rid of it. Every single time I tinkered with it I ran into a compatability issue, both internal and external. A guy I play with uses nothing but KWA M4s (all later models) and has had no problems.
  2. Yeah, I'm having a real hard time finding WA parts and I'm sadly starting to develop a little buyer's remourse. I was doubtful, but really hoping that some basic parts might be universal. Oh, well. Thanks for the link to boomarms. I've ordered from them before and in fact have a PGC kit for the MARSOC on its way. I hope I have more success with that. I'm new to GBB tinkering and I think I might have bitten off more than I can chew. As for that bushing, I don't think it will fit this new spring cap but I may get it anyway and just dremel/file/sand it until it works.
  3. Got this full length spring guide for my Western Arms MARSOC: WA Spring Guide Didn't occur to me that I would need a new bushing. I'm not sure which type I'll need for the wider spring cap. I'd like to match the stainless steel but I can't find one for WAs. Would a TM bushing work? Specifically would one of these work? Type 1 Type 2 Type 3
  4. Might not meet your BUIS definition, but I've got a dboys cqb rear sight for sale: Crap I'm Selling
  5. BUMP No one interested in the genuine multicam? Bit of a price drop on the Propper multicam. Oh, and the mags are sold.
  6. Looks like a universal MOLLE holster mounted sideways with some single pistol mag pouches kangaroo'ed to it. Though the clips make them look like utility pouches. Holster Pistol Pouch Utility Pouch You may have a touch time mounting the holster horizontally. SKDTAC has a very nice MOLLE holster in vertical or horizontal. I got one in multicam and love it.
  7. Like Hush said, just contact the retailer. Worst they can say is no and then you move on to the next retailer. Boomarms will ship with trades intact and without an orange tip, but they make it clear that you're taking your chances with customs and they accept no responsibility.
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