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  1. is not a silly game like that, its actually called battle ruin though lol.....
  2. hey I found this great game online, its a role playing game thats fun addictive simple has a great comunity and is easy to learn, its free, so don't miss out on the chance to play this great game also message moneymike(id#28) for a sign-up bonus.... http://dragonsword.bravehost.com
  3. or do they... water+airsoft=water airsoft a diet coke and mentos type of reaction would be great for an anti-personel mine because the reaction is near instantaneous.
  4. only where it if you think a midget wearing a ghillie suit is goin to pop up and punch you.
  5. id recomend a 9.6 volt battery for CA.
  6. no, your reviving dead threads, the post is almost a year old. it wastes bandwith, and its needless.
  7. yeah its realativly common I think its used in rc cars and such.
  8. just slap thepring on in there. if your doin the upgrade yourself your gonna wanna make sure to lube the gearbox while your in there. use white lithium grease.
  9. way to necropost, I know your new but read the stickies and look at the dates.
  10. spring rifles need pretty close to a thousand dollars to shoot 500+ reliably.
  11. gas has more power for less money, but is less consistient and loses power in the cold. spring is more $$ but very consistient. also the bolt pull gets harder as the fps gets higher.
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