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  1. Japan – new paintball/survival game field WAR ZONE, a super new paintball/survival game field, has recently opened just outside Tokyo. In addition to the latest M4-style Paintball Markers and Glock G18 airsoft pistols, all the instructors are ex-military! The facilities include a campsite and BBQ area. For details see: EDIT LINK REMOVED.
  2. Just joined. I'm in Tokyo. Both work and home.
  3. I'm not annoyed or p'eed off. I just automatically dis the person and anything they have to say on the subject of firearms.
  4. Thanks Captain, I'm looking at getting a "real" Springfield Armory Operator or Tactical Response Pistol (with rails), and was looking at getting an airsoft version for force-on-force training. I asked about the size as I have a KSC G-17 that not only locks up in my Fobus kydex holster (a Roto), but also is too oversize to fit in properly in a leather Galco Cop 3 Slot holster, which is a bit annoying. Once again, thanks.
  5. Just to say hi. I'm based in Tokyo and shoot airsoft.
  6. Any one on the board have a Marushin Model 1911A1 Operator or Marushin Model 1911A1 Tactical Response? I’d like to know how accurate the rails are. Will they mount an M3 light? Thanks in advance
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