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  1. OK LETS DO A COMPARISON! Airsoft- Plastic, cheap , chinese made guns. Shoot millimeter airSOFT bb’s extremely slow so you rarely even know you got hit. Age most Common- 12 and Under. Paintball-Huge Selection of METAL guns powered by co2 or n2 that actually shoots FAST. You KNOW when your shot because you actually FEEL a sting. Is a professional sport and is broadcasted even ESPN alot. HIGHLY UPGRADEABLE sport and was made to affordable for the poor and obviously rich. The army practices with paintball. Okay........the point im trying to make here is that airsoft has always seemed like a little kidish half- plastic gun game that looks retarded to even involve yourself with. Paintball on the other hand, is played professionally and considered a sport and isnt filled with :censored2: that CRY
  2. Is there any way I can get a crane stock or a side folding stock (that can hold a lage battery) onto my AE ICS MP5 SD5 without very little to no moddification?
  3. I heard there was one to make it into an Mc51, but any type of assault rifle conversion would be nice.
  4. Well are there any? If there are could you please post a link
  5. Ok, thanks for the help I think I will buy it.
  6. Is it worth buying if I plan on putting on a laser and light on it? Maybe some other suggestions for things to put on it.
  7. Can some one tell me if this RIS is made out of metal or plastic.
  8. What do you think? Its pretty stock right now, but I plan on putting my ak barrel into the silencer and let it extend out about 4-7 inches.
  9. What do you think? Its pretty stock right now, but I plan on putting my ak barrel into the silencer and let it extend out about 4-7 inches.
  10. The Airsoft Elite ICS MP5 SD First Impressions: The box is a brown color with a picture of the SD5 on the front along with "SMG" in big blue leters and other things including the maker, website, and phone number. Not to bad for a box though it could have been more "spruced up. The gun: After taking the cover off of the box I removed the top layer of bubble wrap and picked up the mp5. All I have to say is "WOW" this ting is heavy and full of metal. Then only exterion plastic parts are the stock, the lower receiver, and the foregris is some sort of rubber. This gun is solidly built and has no creaks what-so-ever. Battery: The gun can hold up to a 8.4V battery (9.6V with modification to the stock) housed in the stock. Just push the butt plaet down and the battery compartment is revealed. Sights: These things are full metal and boy do they come in handy. There are three different rear sight holes and one slot. There is onle low hole for closer targets, one set a little higher for medium targets, and one set even hight for targets further away. then there is a "V' shaped slot is used for more quicker shooting where it is easier to line up and shoot. Silencer: The silencer is great being full metal and everything but my only gripe is that when you turn the hop-up on enough the bb's will hit the top of the silencer and break into a large amount of tiny pieces. Mag: The mag is great, it is full metal and holds 230 rounds. With one good wind you can shoot of about 100-150 rounds. Then only bad thing is that the paint chips of easily and it make the mag quite loose in the mag well. Distance: This thing shoots far! I was hitting my dads old (junk) Ford Bronco from my back deck which was about 200 feet away with the hop-up perfectly tuned. Hop-Up: The hop-up works really well on this gun. Push the lever on the top rear of the foregrip forward and the bb will go down push it back and the bb will go up, it's very simple to use and prefect. Accuracy: This gun is very accurate it was shooting at the same spot everytime when I was shooting at an old blanket hanging up outside. ROF: This gun is extremely fast with an 8.4V 4200Mah battery. The ROF is about 16-17 shots a second. Final Thoughts: Other then the silencer this gun is a beast, with 370 stock FPS, $290, metal body, and an extreme ROF, this gun can't be beat. It's a must buy!
  11. if the p90 has a small battery thab the connectors wouldn't be the same on the FAMAS since it uses a large battery
  12. How can you reomve the warning sticker on the silencer without leaving residue or leaving half of the sitcker once you peeled it off? Never mind I got it off
  13. I would go with the ICS. It is pre-upgraded and has an easy to wirk on 2 part gearbox. Also full-metal.
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