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  1. OK LETS DO A COMPARISON! Airsoft- Plastic, cheap , chinese made guns. Shoot millimeter airSOFT bb’s extremely slow so you rarely even know you got hit. Age most Common- 12 and Under. Paintball-Huge Selection of METAL guns powered by co2 or n2 that actually shoots FAST. You KNOW when your shot because you actually FEEL a sting. Is a professional sport and is broadcasted even ESPN alot. HIGHLY UPGRADEABLE sport and was made to affordable for the poor and obviously rich. The army practices with paintball. Okay........the point im trying to make here is that airsoft has always seemed like a little kidish half- plastic gun game that looks retarded to even involve yourself with. Paintball on the other hand, is played professionally and considered a sport and isnt filled with :censored2: that CRY
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