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  1. as long as you don't use it on anyone :P they have many purposes and there will be that one time where you will tell yourself I wish I had a knife. SOG SEAL pup knifes are very small and managable knives :D
  2. its more like a plastimetal and it shoots very well as it sits now.
  3. Here is mine: its a toy model but it looks sweet as hell :D
  4. its real gold painted metal! :D honestly I do not know. I hate those grips and im looking into some black rubberized grips eventually.
  5. not quite but very similiar Navy SEALs in Iraq. I dono about the flannel though but whatev.
  6. mines been working fine for almost 1.5 years and I've only opened it to regrease the gearbox. one of the only problems ive had with it is the wire keeps popping out of the connector but other than that it gets pretty good range because I teflon taped the cylinder head and put a new hop up rubber in it. As for the battery you can get a mini, a nunchuck, or a double nunchuck to fit in the foregrip. voltage depends on if you want a higher ROF or not.
  7. I have a madbull piston with metal and polycarb teeth and its been working well so far. I also had a g&p white in my saw when I had it. it held up very nicely :)
  8. Read this entire thread dude. We already pointed out that the boxmag sucks you wil lhave to replace the piston and hop up on the A&K right from the getgo. Like many have suggested before, CA M249 or bust.
  9. a V2 tappet plate will work in any V2 GB. And if you never opened a gearbox before you should have someone else open it while you are watching and install it. Its not that difficult and cansave you lots of money on labor in the long run if you figure it out
  10. If you just want 350 I suggest making sure you the absolute best compression you can get+TB.
  11. awesome. This was discussed in May 2007.
  12. What you can do is buy a balaclava or one that covers from the nose down and stitch a thick piece of plastic in fron tof your mouth for extra protection.
  13. Your still not listening. If you want to buy the A&K and replace a lot of things right of the bat go ahead. You'll ending spending the same amount on a Classic Army that will only need a hop up rubber replaced. And the RPK is not issued to our troops.
  14. I forget what its like to have such a pristine AEG. Enjoy the way it looks right now while you can
  15. If your ballin' you can get the SAGE EBR kit for it :D
  16. I say CB, tan or marpat goes best with what you got. Here are some chest rigs http://www.extremeoutfitters.us/index.asp?...&ProdID=509 http://www.extremeoutfitters.us/index.asp?...&ProdID=508
  17. Are you serious? I would find a better source for reviews if I were you.
  18. just call them magazines next time. They do NOT hold bullets.
  19. Yea I agree with the hop up bucking. However my SAW went through three owners before me with the stock piston. it was upgraded as well.
  20. if you get the A&K your going to have the problems that A&K has ontop of what the CA version has. so save yourself $110+shipping(for a new boxmag and a trigger switch) and just save for the CA version.
  21. G&G RK47!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $265+free shipping You cannot go wrong with that. http://www.airsoftnw.com/modules.php?op=mo...80968.99.108.55
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