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  1. Get a Marushin Mossberg M500 8mm, GG US version. Shoots 420 fps with 3 8mm .27g bb's. Good enough for 100 feet.
  2. o.- I'd rather get it airsplat for $15 cheaper.
  3. What? lol... Bat21win - There's a 3 page thread at ASR =P SVT98 - One was repaired by AEX, the other returned for a TM aug, and the last for the one that shot 170, I believe the owner just dropped a new gb in it.
  4. You can get a body kit for the TM 1911 that comes in silver.
  5. Heh. Nice. Tell us how it goes. The last 3 CA AUG's I have seen bought within the past 4 months have all died within 1000 rounds.. >>
  6. I'd be hesitant to run it with the stock plastic spring guide, and hey, with a metal one, you're going to be sure it isn't going to break.
  7. Great find. Can't wait. lol. I'm willing to bet this is going to kill a CA in external quality and durability though.
  8. I've never seen a ABS body snap in half... so hopefully that will help ^^
  9. There are stories about 21st being a scamming company AEX and Redwolf have Maruzen. So does WGCshop.
  10. KJW mags are prone to leaking. Even with the sealant. It's a hit or miss gun, including with the mag.
  11. Not much different from a gas pistol. Take it apart, clean it, lube it...
  12. Don't forget the ANGS metal spring guide... one of the hardest parts to find ^^ =P
  13. Haha yeah. But seriously, all of the major teams around here, don't buy CA, just because of their major problem as of late. Their AUG, G36, SR-25 series have all been atrocious. Their M15A4 series suffered from poor compression, crappy gears (Now), and a multitiude of other problems. But I say their AUG is their worst, closely followed by the G36. I've seen more CA's break than Echo1's/JG's, Well's, and UTG's combined... One of my previous explanations.
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