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  1. Get a Marushin Mossberg M500 8mm, GG US version. Shoots 420 fps with 3 8mm .27g bb's. Good enough for 100 feet.
  2. o.- I'd rather get it airsplat for $15 cheaper.
  3. What? lol... Bat21win - There's a 3 page thread at ASR =P SVT98 - One was repaired by AEX, the other returned for a TM aug, and the last for the one that shot 170, I believe the owner just dropped a new gb in it.
  4. You can get a body kit for the TM 1911 that comes in silver.
  5. Heh. Nice. Tell us how it goes. The last 3 CA AUG's I have seen bought within the past 4 months have all died within 1000 rounds.. >>
  6. I'd be hesitant to run it with the stock plastic spring guide, and hey, with a metal one, you're going to be sure it isn't going to break.
  7. Great find. Can't wait. lol. I'm willing to bet this is going to kill a CA in external quality and durability though.
  8. I've never seen a ABS body snap in half... so hopefully that will help ^^
  9. There are stories about 21st being a scamming company AEX and Redwolf have Maruzen. So does WGCshop.
  10. KJW mags are prone to leaking. Even with the sealant. It's a hit or miss gun, including with the mag.
  11. Not much different from a gas pistol. Take it apart, clean it, lube it...
  12. Don't forget the ANGS metal spring guide... one of the hardest parts to find ^^ =P
  13. Haha yeah. But seriously, all of the major teams around here, don't buy CA, just because of their major problem as of late. Their AUG, G36, SR-25 series have all been atrocious. Their M15A4 series suffered from poor compression, crappy gears (Now), and a multitiude of other problems. But I say their AUG is their worst, closely followed by the G36. I've seen more CA's break than Echo1's/JG's, Well's, and UTG's combined... One of my previous explanations.
  14. It's a WA Hardballer, SCW3. Although it may function on GG, it won't be as reliable as a SCW2, and the SCW3 is prone to problems (According to the WA experts that I was talking to). That being said, the Hardballer is sold out almost everywhere I looked, and it was a limited run.
  15. They're good, run it on HFC 134a, unless you want to send it to AirsoftAdvantage for a GG upgrade... Poweredgeusa.com had them instock a while back, try e-mailing them.
  16. Good luck finding one, almost impossible to get these days.
  17. Ha. Hopefully I will be. I gotta check rules for 8mm bb's.
  18. G&G is better. CA is a clone of the G&G, and CA has had QC problem as of late. Get the G&G, if you can't get the TM.
  19. The standard for MP5's for a long time... The Airsoft Elite's are the ICS's, but just tuned up more.
  20. Yeah. It's a great gun, reliable, and takes a large battery stock (No need to buy extra foregrips). The KWA M4 is also an excellent gun, but the G36C by KWA is the best one out there. Closely followed by STAR, then TM.
  21. I'd argue that, lol. Wesker : Still, it's going to be about $30 cheaper in total =P Even still, retailers are quoting prices to be about $180... About the range as the G&G V4 plastic bodies ^^
  22. Prices. Reviews My main gripe is with Customer Service, and no it wasn't a bad day, it occurred for over a month. They "lost" my order, even though they did charge the credit card, and took the money out. When I called 2 weeks later, I found out that they never shipped it out, and they would. A week later it was shipped, and it took another week to get here... That, and their shipping IS slow. A friend of mine waited 3 weeks to receive a USP mag.
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