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  1. Thanks everyone! I can post ref. pictures for the ANVIS if need be, but you guys seem to have it covered. As for Cyre, if I can find some cheap I might get a pair. I could probably afford some new but paying that much for shirt/pants is kinda extreme in my eyes. For now I'll stick to BDU/DCUs. Kit List: CGF MICH-Strobe, PJ ANVIS, bungee cord, IFF squares. BDUs, Mechanix, Merrel boots, riggers belt. EI RRV MJK- BHI pop flare, paraclete small GP, AI shingle, X2 EI 9mm, DBT Admin, VIP, X2 CATs, carbiner, shears. NARP Fanny pack Camelbak 3 day pack- EI Med pouch, TT Canteen, EI signal pouch. M4 with PEQ2, 551, BUIS, etc...
  2. I haven't checked too througly, but I don't think so.
  3. I use Sharpies to sign autographs. The new Camelbak 500D 3 day pack thing MLCS Signal Pouch
  4. I know you can get the mount on ebay and whatnot, but my statement was from the fact that when I got the case from the PJs the mount was in the case along with the 21's. There was it's own little cut out in the foam, so I assume if you buy the NVGs you get the mount too. I could be wrong though.
  5. The NODs and mount come together I don't think you can buy them apart. I actually had to give them back to the PJs I borrowed them from.
  6. They look big because they were folded out at the time, they're actually not that bad, size wise, and are known for being the most low profile of the NVGs.
  7. CGF TC2000 PVS 21's MS2000 I no longer have the 21's, I now have a self powered ANVIS on the MICH. Both are good for a PJ loadout though.
  8. Mechanix are just cheap, pretty good, and easily gotten and there are lots of pictures of SOF using them. I used NFL catching gloves one game, ditched them because they got too wet.
  9. I get stuff used, and I know people that can get me stuff cheap or free. But I spent most of the money for airsoft on pouches for my CIRAS.
  10. I had to mix up the DCU/ACU because I couldn't find my ACU pants that morning. I really like the SF on my chest, just with a 1 point sling it sucks.
  11. Last time I was there a former SEAL said he'd give me a tour of the factory, does that mean I get free stuff too? :D
  12. I don't think you need an extra small, you just need a smaller chest size.
  13. I really like the DCU ones.
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