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  1. It's not worth it. It was 10 or 20 FPS for me. Get a stronger return spring and enjoy the nice blowback.
  2. I'm useful! Anyway, I faintly remember the Gas Rifle Only Cult. Did I set up the COR though? Anyway, I never got the funds together to get a classic rifle or AICS before I quit. I quit originally because my parents are very disapproving of Airsoft, and stayed away becuase of school and races. I figure when I go to Uni I'll buy something neat and play every once in a while, but it'll always take a backseat to my bikes. That P99 was teh winrar. I feel cozy and welcomed. Didn't ASF crash all the time back when I was still around?
  3. I had a KSC (Japanese KWA, plastic slide) G23c. They all have a huge aftermarket following.
  4. What'd he do with the articles? I had one or two. Also, soup NGOB.
  5. Says who? My WE, my FIRST airsoft replica, ran silky smooth and was great up until I sold it. Of course TM is going to be better quality, but stating that the WE will crap out irregardless is just incorrect.
  6. With what? I can't edit it any more, even though I see grammatical errors.
  7. EDIT- Nevermind. Good to see GWAG is here though.
  8. Does anyone here remember me? I think I left in July of 07'. I see you guys pwned my Librarian status. Ah well. Anybody still here I might remember? I don't own any airsoft guns now. I still have this weird reserve of airsoft knowledge. I saw a couple kids screwing around with AEG's in their front yard and figured I should force safer-airsoft practices upon you all. I now downhill MTB race as my new passion. It stemmed from road biking. Best thing ever, and I own more bikes than I thought possible. (Road bike, DH MTB, XC MTB, DJ Bike, Track Bike). So, update me fellow ASF members! Wow. I still have a pinned article! This is NEAT!
  9. Some good suppressors dampen the sound a little, but without adding an extended barrel under it they don't do anything. 'Cept make your handgun heavier. =/
  10. WhiteGrass

    Killer Beez

    Good luck getting those to go anywhere. Anyway, Killer Beez have been around for a while. They're OK BB's, but they're not as well made as AE's, in my opinion.
  11. Can you take the slide off? If so, take pictures of the inside for me. Make sure there's nothing bent from pressure or any debris inside the gun.
  12. Hey, hey, hey 'erry one. Let's not continue a dead thread on a topic thats unfunny to begin with.
  13. Since when did you guys still post on ASF? Anyway, that video blows big time if its legit.
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