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  1. If you do decide to get the SCAR, keep in mind that two parts are prone to failure. The stock hinge, and the piece that it slides onto that is on the rear of the upper receiver. Luckily, there are reinforced versions of both available
  2. yes, yes it is. However they are the same. As for the spring, if you cant find it you can fashion one from a lighter spring. Underneath the little wheel that you turn to activate the light there is a long spring that you can cut to size
  3. The spring goes on top of the valve locker (reference the pic)
  4. I don't have any experience with the PDW, however the OB SCAR is a solid performer. Be forewarned that the pieces that there are 2 pieces that are prone to failure. The pieces that tend to break are the stock hinge plate, and the piece that the hinge plate slides onto. Ive had both fail on me, I installed a reinforced hinge plate which is holding up just fine. The piece that the hinge plate slides onto has been replaced, however its a stock piece, I still need to buy a reinforced one. Other than that, the SCAR is awesome. Nice and loud, and extremely easy to disassemble
  5. What spring are you asking about? Also take a look at this part This is normally the part that is at fault for semi automatic failures
  6. http://www.ratech.com.tw/store/product.php?id_product=199
  7. If you havent found it yet, right underneath the charging handle is the tappet. Go to the end of the tappet and you will see a gap between it and the little hand grip. Through that hole should be a silver wheel with an allen key hole in it. This is the adjustment wheel. You are capable of adjusting it without disassembling the gun, but it is a little annoying to do so
  8. if you happen to have a WE pistol laying around that you can use for parts, you should check some of the screws on it. The fill valves on the hi-capa and M4 mags are the same so there may be at least one screw that fits yes I know fill valves have nothing to do with the screw on the feed lip, but if those are interchangeable, I would say its a good chance that there is a screw that will fit somewhere on one of their pistols
  9. The only problem I ever had with mine was the safety. It gets worn down. The upside is that it still "works", its just if you pull the trigger hard enough, it will switch to semi and fire
  10. The CO2 should get you, in my experience at least, right around 2 mags. However that was in the summer, the colder temps may be reducing the CO2 pressure. Also are you just blasting full auto? That would reduce the amount of shouts you can get off As for the bolt lock, if you are using the SCAR with the brass tube, I would highly suggest getting the conversion kit to get rid of the brass. It comes with a new bolt lock and better hop up system
  11. Are you absolutely sure that the leaks are at the top and bottom? The only leaks Ive had came from the middle o-ring. All I did was re seat it and hit it with some lithium grease. They havent leaked since. If it is on the bottom, unscrew the fill valve and ensure that it isn't broken. Ive had a fill valve head break while it was screwed in, and I couldnt tell it was broken, and it leaked. If that is the case then you can use the same fill valves that go into hi-capa magazines I ask if you are sure because since the "inner" o-ring is at the middle of the magazine, it sounds like its on top and on the bottom. Rotating the magazine also tends to make the leak worse depending on the angle
  12. The lube in the propane is mainly for the o-rings, I seriously doubt it would cause this issue. As for the storage, idk. Maybe its just some rust somewhere. The last thing I could offer is to see if there is anything out of place inside the blowback unit (a loose o-ring, bent valve, anything that doesnt look ordinary). I would take the blowback unit completely apart and see if all the pieces are still intact. I mean unless the slide is just being difficult, its possible that not enough gas is being sent to the rear to blow it back
  13. hmmm. It could be in the slide, are you by chance using an aftermarket slide made for a different system? I own a System 7 USP which vents all the gas when I use the slide meant for the old system. Everything fits on the slide like it should, but maybe they arent compatible
  14. Check out your Part #57 - lower right of diagram http://store.kwausa.com/images/diagrams/gbb/kp45.jpg See if there is any visible damage. When the slide blows back (does it even blow back?), it should press down on this part which releases the valve knocker. If you cannot see any damage, then pull the trigger, recock the hammer manually (the valve knocker should not "release" when doing this), and then push down on the piece in question and see if the valve knocker releases
  15. hmpf...talk about a run around. I pre-oredered the EBR at evike when it was $700 and used the 20% off coupon to make it $580. Now without the coupon its $599. Could have been even cheaper to just wait and then use the 10% coupon
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