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    My guns: Echo 1 G36C w/Sightecs Reflex Sight (tubeless) ~360 fps w/.25g bb UHC USP NBB w/laser sight and two mags~330 fps w/ .20g bb M58A Spring Shotgun Equipment: ACU Drop Leg Holster ACU Camo Black Hip Styled Holster
  1. I've narrowed down my choices between these two beauties but can NOT for the life of me decide on one. The KJW Full Metal 1911 and The WE Full Metal 1911 5.1 Dragon I've read that the dragon is a gas pig and is a pain to field strip but looks pretty sexy and and is not as expensive. Does anyone own one or both of these that can help me decide?
  2. OK so I took the scope off the rifle and aimed at some targets. It shot perfectly straight. How do I get the scope in the general vicinity of straight so I can begin to re-sight it using Cadets method? I think the magnification is whats making the BB appear to curve.
  3. I've been having some trouble sighting my gun. The BB seems to go off to the right but the scope does not want to go over that far. Also the ajustment clickers seem to be marked wrong as well. I move the clicker in the the direction it says to be sighted to the right but after a few turns I loose sight of the BB the appears to move off to the right. When I move the clicker in the opposite direction the BB is more in view but will not go over far enough to make the scope acurate. I was aiming at a target about 100ft away. Does anyone have this sight/and or gun that can give me a few pointers? I'm also open to suggestions from other airsofters as well. Thanks Guys
  4. I have a Well G3 that will include the batt and charger. Its not an amazing gun but perfect for a beginning airsofter. The link to pics is in my sig. I'd let it go for $60 including shipping plus any ammo left in the mag.
  5. You gotta click on them so they copy and then they will stay on the screen.
  6. Bump. I'm also looking for spring sniper rifles now.
  7. Yah the sites not in english. You pick your gun from the list and build it from there. There are instructions in english at the bottom.
  8. I was wondering if there are any laws preventing me from driving across state lines with my guns. I am visiting a friend and want to play airsoft over there but would rather not ship them unless I have to. Thanks
  9. Is this what you mean?: Pimp My Airsoft
  10. Between 45 and 55 for the G3. And 15-20 for the M58A.
  11. First thing up for trade is a Well G3 with two railmounts on the front of the gun. I will include the battery and charger. The other gun I want to trade is a M58A Spring Shotgun. I don't know the brand but it works great. Comes with the original box as well. I would like to trade one or both of these for a good quality working NBB USP or an equal quality working M4. I will look at alternative offers but these are what I am looking for
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