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  1. haha funny story how my gf got into airsoft. Well me and a bunch of my friends like to just plink in his very very very very very big backyard where everyone including the neighbors knows exactly what's going on. So every friday, we all load onto his school bus (tight fit) and walk up to his house to play. Now my girlfriend is on that bus, but she wasnt my girlfriend then. one day she decided to come and watch, supposedly cuz it would be funny to see me and my friends shooting eachother (she came cuz I was there, she liked me a lot before then). So then she said she wanted to try, and had a blast. now we're going out AND shooting at eachother! P.S. shes kinda an aggresive player. don't piss her off.
  2. nicee. But with this im talking about using high grade tightbore barrels, not replacements lol.
  3. DE, DMA, and UTG are all the same company, thankfully. The UTG M87 shotgun is famous for its amazing accuracy and fps for the price. I have one and it does definetaly hold its own against any gun it goes up against, as long as you have the correct tactics, any gun can work right!
  4. haha no problem. It's helping with the overall topic, and personally I am very interested in that gun. It sounds amazing!
  5. this wasnt exactly a kill but it was insanely fun and very wierd. We were playing in one of my friends REALLY REALLY REALLY big backyards. and the teams were me and 1 other person against everyone else (probably 7 or 8 people). I had some kind of automatic rifle but I don't remember exactly what it was, it wasnt mine. My teammate ohnly had his M324 (we had a bit of a gun shortage that day, but no shortage of idiots who don't know how to play). I was pinned behind a pile of rocks surrounded by 5-6 people. One of them had some kind of AEG, there were two or three UTG shotguns, a carbine, and a couple pistols all around me. Not happy. Keep in mind this is all withing 25-30 feet. When I finally knew I was doomed I screamed some kind of war scream and jumped up and ran as fast as I could right through all the people. I headed to the other side of the yard, where I could find some tree cover. I made it within 5 or 10 feet within the tree I was headed for when my friend justin popped me in the back with his M87. That was probably the craziest achievment I've had playing airsoft.
  6. Thanks, but I mean which kind of barrel, cause a lot are made for AEGs and wont work without extensive sawing, soldering, etc. And I didn't mean literally butcher, thanks anyway though ill consider it. :P And I would buy the rifle but if I'm going to buy the rifle Im getting an MP-001 not the M324. I've used the M324 and I don't really like it too much.
  7. Ha ok, I think I will try it. But I need some help: 1)I can't figure out what tightbore barrel I should use 2)I'm gunna have to find a good way to lengthen the barrel by a LOT 3)Is it possible to replace the spring with a stronger one? 4)What else could I do to butcher my gun? :P
  8. Ok, I know you're all gonna say that I'm an Idiot for even thinking about it, but read the whole thing and hear me out. During algebra today I had the greatest idea I think in a LONG time. Ok, first thing is that you need a UTG M87 shotgun, with the stock if you want it to work right. Now here comes the greatest part: Buy a tightbore barrel, the longest you can get. Install it into the gun and however you wanna do it, lengthen the outer barrel. Then, apply the teflon mod, and you have a UTG M87 pump sniper rifle! It would easily out-accuracy and out-range the M324 and maybe even a stock vsr-10. It's such a simple idea but it would work! Any suggestions, comments, or telling me im an idiot and it wont work?
  9. jute is the other material. I'm probably gunna actually go to dicks sporting goods and get netting, then buy some burlap at walmart or something. I kinda like the soccer bag idea though, I may stick with that.
  10. im actually thinking of making a ghillie suit, but not a real one. Just for fun, I'm taking a net bag used for soccer balls and cutting it to fit a body, then tying yarn and bits of fabric to the netting. I don't think it'll work very well, but its better than playing in cheap BDU and street clothes!
  11. I was thinking of buying this sniper, and I've heard that it's very good. I'm wondering if anyone can tell me more about it, and tell me what upgrade would be cheap but very effective on it. Thanks a lot! Heres the link to the rifle
  12. I think this thread outlines my feelings exactly. Good job! My parents will not at all let me spend over $100 on an airsoft gun, they hate it enough anyway. They're considering having me leave the gun at a friends house. My first gun was only a little while ago, but I have been playing for much longer. It was a UTG M87 shotty with the stock. First time I took it outside, it broke. I didn't stop there, I was not satisfied. I took it apart and tried to figure out what the problem was exactly. I figured it out, fixed it, and I now know exactly how the airsoft gun works, every single part except the hop-up. When I went outside and tested the gun, it broke again. I went back inside and tried again. Thats when I found the manufacturing error :P. I don't have the money to spend on an insanely expensive AEG or $500 sniper rifle, so I got what I could and ran with it. I'm sure if it had not had the manufacturing error it would have worked like a charm for years. Someone with an expensive, supposedly non-breakable gun wouldn't take as good care of the gun as someone who got a cheap gun knowing it was their only chance at airsoft.
  13. I havent bought it myself, but ive heard its good. I've seen it cheaper other places though.
  14. I know exactly what happened. the same thing happened to me the day I got it, so I took it apart and figured out exactly what happened. When you c*ck the gun, the cylinder clicks onto a little thing in the trigger system. I wont explain exactly how it works right now. What's happening is that when you pull the trigger, the part its clicked onto wont move because of the way the cylinder is positioned on it. Thats why your trigger wont move. The slide is loose because the trigger system is not working. It's all tied in. I suggest either risking it and opening up the gun and figuring out the inner workings, or upgrading to a better gun. When you open up the gun there are many small springs and pieces that fall out. Even trying to fix mine I havent been able to put some back in, but they didnt seem to affect the way it worked. I have a bad feeling they were part of the hop-up. Good luck!
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